Ever wondered how others build a successful six figure brand?

There must be a secret recipe or secret code to the equation, right?  Well, my friend, if you’ve struggled trying to figure this mystery out, don’t panic….we’ve all been there! *myself included* 

Lucky for you, I have a simple and effective way to IMMEDIATELY improve your brand and business strategy.   This is the same formula that I’ve used in my business to build past six figures AND I have a resource below to help.




Connect – “People often prefer a connection over information.”


One common mistake entrepreneurs make is trying to appeal to everyone instead of focusing in on one target persona. I know there’s a common fear here that narrowing too much will leave opportunity at the door but trust me here, QUALITY OVER QUANTITY wins, every time.

“If you try to appeal to everyone, you end up speaking to no one.”

Even with the smallest of numbers, when you have a fully engaged audience – no matter what you’re doing, they will be there cheering you on and share you and your message with the world.

Who is your target audience? Give this question some serious thought. Who you wanted your audience to be when you first launched your business may not be the same audience you would want today or even 1-3 years from now.

Ask yourself this – How do you want your brand to make people feel?

Allowing your personality shine through while being relatable to your audience is crucial when creating your brand.

People trust who they know and do business with who they trust. There is no faster way to lose someone’s trust, business, and relationship than by not being authentic and true to yourself.

There’s this thing called intuition that we all have and we tend to know when something just doesn’t feel right. The last thing you want is for someone to feel that way about your brand and what it represents.


Communicate – Communication is key.


Take advantage of social media. It’s an easy way to connect directly with your potential clients and customers.

Social media doesn’t have to be used to sell a product or service – it allows customers to provide feedback, ask questions, give advice or even have a friendly conversation.  Social media is meant to be social, so get out there and have conversations with your tribe.

Here’s a tip – Being transparent with your audience from the get-go will build an authentic relationship.

The more you give, serve and connect with your tribe, the more they will engage with you. The more you authentically engage with them, the deeper connection you will make and in turn those relationships will grow over time, organically.

When your followers are more in tune with you, it gives you more opportunities to connect with them and build your tribe.


Collaborate – Together, we can achieve more.


Collaborating with others is an excellent way to successfully grow your business and build your audience.  It’s what I focused on, early in business and that strategy has set me up for success.

Do you struggle with how, exactly to collaborate with others?

First, think of entrepreneurs and business owners you relate to and admire. Finding people or businesses that are similar to yours, who serve a similar target audience and have an offering that is either a step ahead or comes after what you offer is a great place to start.

A pro tip on this, if you can find someone with a similar brand style to yours, will make you both more appealing to the target audience that you’re serving, or wish to serve.

Have fun and  get creative with who you decide to partner with.

Once you’ve built up a team of people to collaborate with you can:

  • Cross-promote each other’s offerings and services (through social media, etc.)
  • Provide reviews (this promotes your partner’s product/service)
  • Guest post (allowing your partners to write content on your page will expose them to a larger audience)


Have questions that I can answer for you on how to connect and collaborate to grow your brand and business?  I’d love to help!  Let’s chat below



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