You hear it all the time – grow your list, gain more followers, the money is in your list, etc.  It’s easy to get into your own head and believe that it’s a popularity contest with all of the buzz but I’m  here to tell ya that it’s actually the farthest thing from the truth.

Well, at least not the whole truth.

With my private clients, I often receive that frantic phone call from a client, worried about the number of fans, followers, or subscribers that have decreased after a post, launch, email blast, etc.  All of them wanting to know, “why, WHY do they not like me?”

It’s actually not that.  at all.  

Did you get a pain in your gut just thinking about it?  Most people do. I’m here to reassure you too that this isn’t a bad thing- at all.  Here are four reasons why.


1.  It’s Nothing Personal.

Seriously, no hard feelings. One will often unfollow you when your content no longer pertains to them or they are not finding what they need, at the time or point in their journey.

 Friend, this is okay.

Some people either aren’t resonating with your message or you’re not relatable.  We are all different, we like different things and the way in which we like to receive information varies as well and because of this, we are just not for everyone.  As long as you’re not over-promoting, over-sharing or over (fill-in-the-blank here) and your content is brand consistent, it’s ok to not take it personally.


2. Quality Over Quantity.


“Your goal is to have a quality, and a fully engaged audience vs. a large number of followers.”

Having a small group of people who genuinely resonate with you, your mission and your passion and are engaged in all that you do, is MUCH better than orchestrating a symphony of crickets (chirp, chirp).

Trust me, even with the smallest of numbers, when you have a fully engaged audience – no matter what you’re doing, they will be there to cheer you on and share you and your message with the world.



3. You’re Finding and Growing Your Tribe.

You’re honing in on your niche and building a community.

“As you get to know yourself better, your wants, your goals, your passion, your sweet spot and your “why”, you get to know your audience better in the process as well.”

The more focused you are, and the better quality of content, images, and posts you create and share with your tribe, the more you are able to love on them and they, on you.

Even though you are losing people in the short term, you’ll be gaining a much larger tribe in the long run.


4.  Relationships in business are KEY.

The more you give, serve and connect with your tribe, the more they will engage with you. The more you authentically engage with them, the deeper connection you will make and in turn those relationship will grow over time, organically.

When your followers are more in tune with you, it gives you more opportunities to connect with them and build your tribe.

So my friend, having someone un-follow isn’t always a bad thing. Don’t let yourself take it personally.

“Focus instead on giving first, sharing always and whole-heartedly doing what you love. You will attract those who resonate with you.”

As your tribe grows, make sure to love them hard and you’ll never orchestrate chirps.

Have you taken an un-follow personally before?

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