Transform Your Ideas Into Results

I’m going to be bold and say…

You don’t need another course or program, a podcast or download even

What you ACTUALLY need is a place to take ACTION

A place that supports you, that builds your confidence and empowers you to show up, stop holding yourself back and get past being stuck in the “how”

You also and someone to hold space for you – to answer your questions, to give you real and honest feedback and provide you with the tools and the resources to get past “how” once and for all

Business and Branding Action Pod is a LIVE bi-monthly Action Mastermind Experience for Women Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Speakers, Trainers, ready to put ACTION behind building your brand and business online so that you can get answers to your lingering questions on “HOW” and have actionable strategies to grow your following and bring in income

 Here are a few examples of the ‘HOW’ questions that you will have answers for so that you can take action


– How do I create an optin (or what should my topic be?)

– How do I create a landing page for my optin so that I’m building my list?

– How do I convert my 1:1 private clients into simple DIY online offerings?

– Tech overwhelms me – How do I set things up for my online offering?

– What should I be doing or sharing to build my following online?

– How do I create a simple social strategy to build my following?

Any other “HOW” questions that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck

What’s Included:


A Private 45 Minute Powerful Onboarding Strategy Session

Value $500

In your private strategy session, we will define an action plan unique to you so that you know exactly what to focus on and exactly what you need to be doing over the next 90 days that will bring you results and income in your business.


Bi-Weekly LIVE Sessions Full of Business & Branding Strategies That You Can Implement Immediately

Value $6,000 +

Each bi-weekly session is a 90 minute LIVE Zoom training with mini trainings, guest expert speakers monthly, Q&A, community connections, hot seat reviews, laser coaching, feedback reviews and so much more, such as…

  • Coaching around where to start if you’re just getting started or what you should do to get to the next level of income and impact
  • Create the consistency that everyone talks about but no one really explains so that you can feel confident in that you have a plan that will get you from where you are, to where you want to be
  • Getting better engagement online through your posts and stories so that you can start building relationships that convert into sales
  • Finding your voice and uncovering your messaging so that you can speak to your tribe with confidence
  • Creating content around your offers and the ways of which you work with your clients so that you can stay in your zone of genius and give the greatest amount of value
  • Keeping your audience engaged – grabbing their attention and keeping it through having them become a paying client
  • How to align with your dream client so that everyone coming through your funnel is someone that falls into your zone of genius that you can serve well
  • Letting go of fear and showing up with confidence and empowered to share your message and story to capture the heart of your tribe
  • Creating visuals, designs, and graphics around your brand that are professional and fun, just like you
  • Creating amazing client experiences so that they are inspired to share you with their tribe
  • Create additional revenue streams for your business so that you can leverage without having to add more hours into your day
  • Cover that dirty little “Tech” word with the exact how behind it so that you are not bogged down in the overwhelm of automation online
  • Review designs and visuals and give you honest feedback on the direction to make sure they are in alignment with you but also attractive to your audience
  • Expand your online following and reach with the same tools and systems that I use that has helped me to save time by work smarter and not harder
  • Help getting started with outsourcing and onboarding team members so that you can build your dream team of people to help get you to where you want to go
  • A community of other amazing women who are like-minded and are on a similar mission to make an Impact to support, encourage and inspire you along the way

Pro Tip:

If you want to recieve the most out of this, you need to show up live

LIVE  Q&A Sessions are held every two weeks ongoing. Sessions will be held on Zoom and the recordings will be available for replay at any time for you to reference back to as needed.


Resource Library

Value $3,000 +

You’ll also receive access to my vast library and template vault full of branding templates, design templates, messaging templates, freebies, optins, mini-courses, trainings, and more that I’ve built and used in my courses and programs for the past 12 years.  You have access to it all and any future assets that are created as we go.


Guest Expert Trainings

Value $1,000 +

A little unknown fact about me and as my coach likes to phrase it, “you know everyone!”

I love connecting and over the course of my journey I have met and become friends with some of the top online influencers in our industry. I will at times be inviting them into this space to share their knowledge with us.

Jenn Hernandez

Brand Photography and my personal brand photographer 

Sam Shaw

Pinterest Growth Strategy and also known as Melyssa Griffin’s BF

Carla Biesinger

Instagram Coach with strategies for an international reach


Private Facebook Community

Value $Priceless

Our private Facebook community is where I’ll check in on the conversation, answer additional questions and help with extra resources needed to make you feel confident and empowered to take action, no matter what you’re working on. Also, the BEST place to connect with other members in the group and create meaningful relationships with others in the tribe.

(The group is where the magic happens)

Who Would Benefit Most From This Experience?

This would be amazing for you if…


You need help getting everything setup


You want a place to ask questions and get ACTUAL feedback on what works


You want to make sure that you’re taking the RIGHT next steps


You want to grow your following and presence online


You are FULLY committed to doing the work


You take FULL responsibility for your own results

This would not be a good fit if…


You don’t yet have a business or have ever worked with cients


You hope to see immediate results


You need to make money overnight


You want things done for you (I offer a separate service for that)


You aren’t able to show up to the calls (every one of them) and be open to receive


Your Investment is $197 per month*

The value of The Action Pod is well over $7,500 per month and I’m so incredibly excited to offer this to you for $197 to make it a complete no-brainer and easy ‘yes’ for you.

Why? After spending 7 years in the “Stuck Zone” myself, I’m making it my personal mission to create a space where “stuck” is non-existent and massive action is the norm.

*automatic monthly payments until you cancel with a three month minimum. 

Why? Because growth and true transformation takes time.

Are you ready to kickstart your brand and business and FINALLY have that second set of eyes that you wish you had and the guidance you need to take ACTION and execute on your plan to see results once and for all?


Don’t wait for magic to just ‘happen’. Your awesome is waiting for you on the other side of YES and we are ready and waiting to help you make your vision come to life. 


Once you’re in and during your private onboarding session we will determine where you are in your journey, be it just getting started or more advanced, and from there, I assign you a group with others who are in the same or similar point in your business and brand journey. This is to ensure that you are able to get the most out of your time and in the quality of resources that you need to support you, right where you are.

My goal is to empower and support you, right where you are and not add more overwhelm to your journey



Private 45 Minute Powerful Onboarding Session where we’ll determine where you are and exactly what you need first to best support your action


Bi-Weekly Group Sessions & Q&A Rountable


A vast library vault of tools, templates trainings and resources (that I’ve built over the past 12 years and used in my private practice) at your fingertips and I’m happy to create anything additional that’s needed to support you along the way


Monthly Guest Expert Trainings to Enhance Your Online presence and growth


Private Facebook Community to Connect and build valuable relationship with others in the tribe (where magic happens)

Hello there!

I’m Kristie Keever, I’m a Brand Strategist and I help women transform their business online and build a brand that engages with their target audience and converts them into paying clients. Bottom line, I teach women how to become a brand of impact.  

For the past eleven years, I have worked privately with clients to do just that. They have since; tripled and quadrupled their revenue, been featured in major media publications,  spoken internationally,  signed series book deals and built tribes that span the globe. 

Translation = impact.

If you are you looking to;

– stop feeling all over the place

– find your voice and message

– create a brand that is distinctly you

– engage an audience and build a tribe 

– become a brand with major impact


Let’s take amazing action, together.


“Before working with Kristie, I had no structure or direction to support my ideas and I was overloaded with ideas. Since working with Kristie, I feel more confident with my brand and I’m most excited to get it out there to share with my dream clients.  Before I spent a lot of time and energy working with clients that weren’t the right fit for me and money hiring social media people who were doing lots of different things but because I had no idea on the direction, I needed to give them in order for efforts that were going out there, to actually work.  This experience was really eye-opening on how everything works together and how important every part of it is. I received so many benefits from it and I loved it!”

– Krystal Soliz

Expert Stylist & Owner

Blankanvas Blow Dry Bar & Salon

“Before working with Kristie I struggled with clarity and consistency. This is a program of celebration, hand-holding, kicking our butts, love, and peer support from beginning to end. I have to say that I am extremely proud of my ability to stick with this and follow it all the way through because every often I start with something like this and I don’t get all the way through – this is what I am most excited about. Before coming in, I was had to decide between this program and one where they would do it all for me and I couldn’t have made a better decision.  I stuck with it, did the homework, stayed engaged and was given space to share, again and again. Every time I compare where I am now to where I was before, I can’t help but smile.”

– Lorrie Mickelson

Owner, Coach & Trainer

Balanced Motion Fitness Center

“I struggled to find a way to combine my passions to build a brand with focus. I would switch from one thing to another building different websites, changing my Instagram handle and bio, constantly. I was so confused on how to make everything fit together.

Now I’m excited to create my brand once and for all because I have more focus and direction and can be intentional about the things that I create to help my audience. I also learned that when you’re building a business, it’s important to set your foundation first. I received so many benefits from working with Kristie through this program and her process in general because it was really well organized and put together from the community, how you submit feedback, engagement in the Facebook group, it was an amazing experience.”

– Jami Majewski

Lifestyle Coach & Minimalista

Sun Mountain Soul

“OMG – I cannot shout high enough or loud enough from the roof tops how much Kristie has changed my business!!!! She was able to capture ME and bring it out in my branding and messaging. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, YOU MUST run – not walk – to get Kristie to help you!”

– Kelli Strott

Kelli Strott Home Loans

5x Winner of the 5280 Five Star Professional Lender

“Before Kristie, I was a hot mess. I had no idea where to begin or where to start and I was all over the place. Now I have a clear vision; I know what my purpose is and where I am going with it.  Kristie has helped me see who I am and how my personal journey can work for others as well. So, let the adventure begin!”

– Yvonne Garcia

Holistic Health Coach, Registered Nurse

and certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor

Need Help Enrolling or Have Questions?

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