Every Brand Has a Great Story

Learn how to share yours in a way that captivates and converts your audience into dream clients


There’s no denying, we love great stories.  Stories that connect, that paint a picture and share the triumphant journey of the victim to victor in hopes that we can learn from their mistakes.

Stories are what we relate to, what we resonate with and what connects us to each other.

We can’t get enough, we want more and we can’t wait until we have the ‘inside scoop’  of the story. This is why celebrity gossip is a $3 billion dollar industry.  That’s billion, with a capital “B”.

Taking a glimpse into the life of those that we admire, but don’t know personally is why we watch indulge in reality and celebrity gossip TV, buy the magazines and read the blogs for just a moment peek into their personal lives.

Your ability to tell your story is the fastest way to build know – like – trust with your audience and the ONE thing that will help them convert into paying clients and customers

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

Old Native American proverb

This 5 Day Course is designed to shine the light on what makes you extraordinary and how to use it as your message to attract your target audience

Here’s what we’re going to learn in this 5 Day Course


The difference between your brand story and your message and how you can use your story to uncover your message


Connect with your tribe and how to create emotional currency to convert them into  clients


The 6 core stories every powerful brand needs to attract, connect, and convert your audience into paying clients and customers


The key elements of a great story and how to use these elements to uncover and define yours


How to use your story (and a few other key elements to your brand) to create a RIPL Effect in your brand-building momentum

You’ll also receive a 20 page workbook with prompts to help you flush out the details and gain clarity and confidence to share your stories immediately

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Learn how to confidently share your story and captivate your dream clients

For entrepreneurs ready to build a highly engaging and profitable brand of impact


I’m Kristie Keever I’m an online brand strategist and I help women transform their business online and build a brand that engages with their target audience and converts them into paying clients. Bottom line, I teach women how to become a brand of impact. 

For the last eleven years, I have worked privately with clients to do just that. They have since; tripled and quadrupled their revenue, been featured in major media publications, spoken internationally, signed series book deals and built tribes that span the globe.  Translation = impact.

So, if you’re looking to; stop feeling all over the place, find your voice and message, create a brand that is distinctly you, engage an audience and build a tribe and become a brand with major impact then this 5 Day Course is for you.