Susie reached out becuase she was wanting help with a brand re-design for the launch of her signature coaching program. She wanted to uplevel the branding, the offer and the client experience. She wanted to provide a “wow” expereince. We started by uncovering her current challenges, design inspiration and set goals for the desired outcome.

Here is what we accomplished while working together:

  • definied and created the overall product brand strategy & positioning focusing on cutomer journey & conversion
  • established the key audience & market segmentation
  • provided creative direction that was in alignment with the current branding 
  • developed the “wow” client experience (internal & external audience)
  • developed the visual identity and created the product brand elements
  • designed and developed the product sales page & social online presence

If you are looking for someone to uplevel your marketing and creating a brand identity, Kristie is your gal! Her strategy & designs are AWESOME and so clear!!! Every time I get soemthing from her I am always very excited!! Kristie Keever, I apprecaite you and I adore you! xoxo

Susie Carder

The Profit Coach, Speaker, Author & Entrepreneur