Dr. Caster reached out becuase he was wanting to uplevel his branding, his clientele and add more revenue to his already busy therapy practice. We started by uncovering his challenges, set some new goals and created an overall strategy to accomplish those goals during our time working together.

Here is what we accomplished while working together:

  • definied and created his overall brand strategy & positioning
  • established new values for his brand and business
  • established his key audience & market segmentation
  • drafted his core brand story and key messaging
  • developed his client experience (internal & external audience)
  • provided creative direction
  • developed his visual identity and created his brand elements
  • designed and developed his website & online presence

Kristie has been excellent in helping me develop my business identity. She helped me to slow down and think about who I wanted to be as a business, who I wanted as a client and how I wanted my business to grow. 

The results, are nothing short of amazing!

Dr. Jeff Caster, Phd.

Caster & Associates

One Year Update:  


One year (and almost a half ) later, Dr. Caster has successfully increased his rate per hour, cut back on his personal client work-load, hired three new staff members and increased his annual revenue by $100k. Looking forward to his continued growth and success!