Influential Entrepreneur

Create And Scale A Profitable Personal Brand Online

Are You Ready

For Influence & Impact In Your Business?

The Influential Entrepreneur is a LIVE year-long, 3 part Implementation Program designed to fill the gaps, connect the dots and transform your vision into profitable reality, no matter what stage of business you’re in.

Are You…?

– Tired of trying to fit into the model of “perfect” only to find yourself feeling overwhelmed and defeated?  It’s time to let go of defeat, stop holding yourself back and start doing things in a way that works for YOU.

– Over investing in yet another expensive course or coach hoping that it’s THE solution you’ve been looking for only to find yourself feeling disappointed, stuck in the same place and, spending more than you’re brining in?

– Wanting to finally create that course or program you’ve had on your wish list for far too long and have a way to show up online consistently and with confidence so that you’re attracting your dream clients organically?

What’s Included In…


Influential Entrepreneur

Part One: 6 Week Brand Accelerator Bootcamp

The first six weeks, we’ll hit the ground running as we guide you step-by-step through the process to start generating leads, building your email list and building influence online

Part Two: 9 Weeks of LIVE Coaching & Mentorship

Once you have direction to attract and send people to, we’ll take a step back and work on filling gaps in your brand and business foundation in areas such as messaging, story, community building, offers & more


Part Three: Implementation & Accountability (9+ mos)

After the foundation is set, we’ll dig deeper into the different areas of foundation and teach you the proper skillset you need to understand and correctly implement. You’ll get guidance & feedback the entire way

Private Membership & Resource Area

As part of the program you’ll have access to my ENTIRE resource vault complete with on-demand trainings, tutorials, templates and valuable resources that will save you time, energy and the frustration of trying to create them on your own with new items added frequently


Private Community on Facebook

Our community of high-engaged and like-minded entrepreneurs is where you’ll connect, engage and encourage and support each other as you work to build your brand of impact. In the group is where you’ll receive the most support between our live sessions and so your questions are answered quickly

Guest Experts & Bonus Trainings

Guest experts are invited to come in and share their knowledge and expertise on subjects such as photography, Instagram, Pinterest, finances, PR and more. Each guest expert training is recorded and added to the resource library for on-demand replay any time you need

Imagine, finally knowing how to put things together in a way that works, making more impact, more money, and creating a highly engaged community because you FINALLY found your tribe.

Sounds dreamy, right?

You Don’t Need Another Course. What You Need Is Implementation With a Capital “I” And Support & Encouragement Along The Way

The Influential Entrepreneur can help you with exactly this and in two ways;

1. Unlike in a course, I will be your personal guide to coach, mentor and support you through the steps you need to take to implement and execute a simple strategy to start building credibility and positioning yourself as the expert online

2. You’ll receive crazy support, encouragement and accountability along the way to help you fine-tune and enhance how you’re showing up online and doing so in the most effective (and efficient) way possible. 

Meaning; I’m there to guide you, check on you and give you feedback every step-of-the-way.

This Implementation Program is the A to Z guide to creating and scaling a profitable personal brand of impact and includes the perfect combination of accelerator boot camp to get you up and running quickly, hands-on learning to dig into the things you actually need to know and be doing to be the most effective and impactful, and provide you with the space you need for workshop and accountability to keep you moving forward.

There’s even the option to add private coaching & accountability without the crazy pricetag!

In The Influential Entrepreneur Program We Believe…

– Best way to learn is by trial-and-error and that imperfection action is better than no action, every. single. time.

– Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, skillset and the right strategy designed just for you.

– In giving yourself permission to do things YOUR WAY becuase that is the ONLY WAY that you will ever feel comfortable and confident to allow success to find you.

In laying the proper foundation and the groundwork needed to support long-term success by learning how to not chase shiny objects or the next big thing.

Guided support and accountability (mixed combined with the right mindset) are a must when it comes to implementation if you want to see tangible success. You can only go so far, alone.

With the right support, it IS possible to build a life and business that you love

With A Bootcamp To Get You Up And Running Quickly, Course Learning To Properly Lay The Foundation For Success, Dedicated Space For Implementation And Massive Accountability To Guide You Every Step Of The Way…

You Will Create The Profitable Brand Of Impact That You Know You’re Capable Of!

Hi! Im Kristie Keever

I’m a Brand & Business Strategist

Coffee lover. Perfectionist. Brand & Business Enthusiast. Translation = flawsome.

I teach women on a mission how to not just design a brand but how to become a brand of impact. 

For over a decade (plus) I have worked privately with clients to do just that. They have since; tripled and quadrupled their revenue, been featured in major media publications,  spoken internationally,  signed series book deals and built tribes that span the globe. 

Translation = impact.

So, if you are looking to;
– stop feeling all over the place
– find your voice and message
– create a brand that is distinctly you
– engage an audience and build a tribe
– become a brand with major impact?

Perfect.  Let’s get busy.

My Clients And I Been Seen On..

A few kind words

“Branding is one area that I’ve definitely struggled with from the get-go in my business. Kristie is all about branding and knows it so well. She’s a go-to source that you definitely want in your back pocket.”

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert & Host

Top Ranked Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

“No matter how great my content was, it felt like no one was seeing me or hearing my message. I had thousands of followers, but not a single die-hard fan, let alone any paying clients! Kristie helped me find a clear, authentic voice and how to tell my story in a way that makes people think, ‘omg! me too! I want whatever she’s got!’ I went from hundreds of people ignoring me to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people joining my community, coaching programs and attending my worldwide retreats!”

Mary Jelkovsky

Body Positivity & Confidence Coach

Mary’s Cup of Tea

“I was two years into my business, still struggling with the stories I was telling and how I was showing up online. Since working with Kristie, I have had several people comment on my content and how much they enjoy what I’m sharing, and they are engaging with it.  The results are amazing. People are taking notice and telling me they’ve noticed a difference.  I am getting more comfortable with how I show up, what I post and how to keep things simple.”

Jenn Hernandez

Brand Photographer

Jenn Hernandez Photography

“Before, I had allowed fear to hold me back from showing up online and have since learned to be ok with where I am right now which was so incredibly freeing. I feel unleashed and ready share my brand professionally and personally and use it to connect with those that I want to connect with to make an impact. I’m confident and am empowered to help others who struggle the same. I feel connected to my calling and I am ready and empowered to be me.”

Landi Spearman

Accelerated Growth Coach & Strategist

Landi & Co.