The Online Brand Academy

How to brand yourself as THE go-to expert that you are, create an offer that people can’t wait to buy and scale your business in both income and impact

Without  trying to fit into a one-size-fit all approach to business success

The Online Brand Academy

How to brand yourself as THE go-to expert that you are, create an offer that people can’t wait to buy and scale your business in both income and impact

Without  trying to fit into a one-size-fit all approach to business success

What If…

you could be seen and heard as your authentic self, while inspiring impact and empowering others WITHOUT SPINNING YOUR WHEELS OR TRYING TO FIT INTO A ONE-SIZE-FIT-ALL APPROACH?

Here’s a secret…

You Can!

But First Let Me Ask You…

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?



There are so many people and ‘experts’ out there doing something similar to what you have in mind. You can’t help but wonder if this will really work for you?



You have the knowledge to share and have so many ideas, but you’re not sure on which one to focus on first. You need clarity on your next best step and follow up steps to take in your business.



Let’s be honest, there are lots of coaches out there that charge big bucks for programs with “potential results”. So it’s only natural for you to be hesitant since you’ve already invested in some that just didn’t work for you.



You ask yourself, “Am I really an expert?” “What do I have to share that’s different from anyone else? You’re not sure how to position yourself in a way that is unique and that will allow you to stand out.



Success is not one-size-fit-all, you want options and to find a way to inspire and empower the lives of others, and do so in a way that works for you.



You ask yourself, “who am I to think that someone will actually want me and my knowledge? Can I really build an audience?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above…

You are in the right place!

The Profitable Brand Method is a PROVEN process to help you find, create, and scale a profitable brand of impact.  Plus, you’ll get 12 months group support to master this duplicatable system. 

Say, “hello” to finding your own path to business success ON YOUR TERMS with The Profitable Brand Method

What Others Are Saying…

“No matter how great my content was, it felt like no one was seeing me or hearing my message. I had thousands of followers, but not a single die-hard fan, let alone any paying clients! Kristie helped me find a clear, authentic voice and how to tell my story in a way that makes people think, ‘omg! me too! I want whatever she’s got!’ I went from hundreds of people ignoring me to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people joining my community, coaching programs and attending my worldwide retreats!”

Mary Jelkovsky

Body Positivity & Confidence Coach

Mary’s Cup of Tea

“When you don’t know who you are looking for, you don’t know what to look for or even when you find it. Before I started this process, I had no idea who my ideal dream client was. I had an idea but it wasn’t until I got it all down on paper that I could finally see the real person that I could impact in a big way.  I used to work on the business model of trying to work with everyone who walked through my doors. As a result I would be overworked, underpaid and would inevitably be a less than ideal experience for both myself and my clients. I feel like I can recognize my ideal client immediately and am comfortable letting those that aren’t a good fit, go!”

Lori Dries

Owner, Statice Floral

Award-Winning Floral & Decor Designer


You can’t make the kind of impact you want if no one knows you’re out there.

If you want to make an impact in a BIG WAY and GET PAID to do so…


Take A Moment And Imagine…

Being seen as a leader in your industry

You are an expert and an authority. You exude confidence and a passion that is both inspiring and attractive to others.

Creating an offer people can’t wait to buy

You finally have a unique and proven approach to leverage your expertise into an online brand and offer.

Attracting a steady stream of perfect prospects

You know exactly how to speak to your audience in a way that gets them excited to raise their hand to work with you.

Making a consistent income teaching what you know

Without complicated strategies or hiring a team to manage everything, you have consistent leads and customers reaching out to you.

Having an impact on the lives of others

There’s no greater feeling than helping someone else achieve happiness. When you are doing what you love, impact flows.

Feeling proud of your business

You have the profits, the influence and the results of your clients. Your success translates into impact in the lives of others and something you’re proud of.

Get This…

You Can Have All Of This By Simply Learning The Secret To Packaging Your Expertise And Presenting Yourself Online In A Way That Your Dream Client Can’t Resist!

Hi! Im Kristie Keever

I spent years in my business searching for a way out of the trading time for money trap that I was in. 

I invested countless hours and thousands of dollars watching webinars, listening to podcasts, hiring all the coaches and buying programs in effort to find the success that I knew I was capable of. 

I felt like I was on a never-ending hamster wheel chasing one great idea after the next, with little to show for my hustle.

I WAS BEYOND EXHAUSTED AND BURNT OUT and never wanted to be in that frustrating situation ever again.

I wanted to work smarter, not harder and I desperately wanted to make a bigger impact by helping more people, yet I knew that I couldn’t do that by working solely with 1:1 clients.

The problem; Despite all my investing and learning, I didn’t feel like I fit into any successful business model that was working well for others.

I began to doubt everything and wondered if I would ever find the level of success in my business that I truly knew that I was capable of. 

I was stuck in idea mode, trying to execute but nothing quite felt “right” so ideas would fizzle out as I moved on to the next one. 

I was “paralyzed” by perfection because I couldn’t fit my business into the box of others who were killing it.

Then one day, I watched a webinar that changed everything.

I saw how I could take my favorite pieces from what others taught to create something that worked for me. For the very first time, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and a new way (my own way) that helped me get unstuck and move into action. 

From there, my first group coaching program was born.

By taking a piece of this, a section from that, I created an efficient way to tweak my 1:1 coaching process, so I could teach people in a group setting how to find their own version of success. 

I tested it on two small groups and guess what happened? 

It worked!

I worked the same amount of time with the same amount of effort as two private coaching clients but instead I was working with 12 clients at the same time, making 12 times the income!

I was finally able to work with more people, make a bigger impact and watch my bottom line grow as well.

I knew I was on to something amazing but I needed to figure out how to take what I had created and scale it. 

I worked for an entire year adding systems, structure and processes into place to deliver my program more efficiently, provide better results for my students and position my business to scale in both income and impact. 

The following launch brought in almost 20 new students and over $60k in revenue in 3 days and of that $60k, $4k was monthly recurring revenue.

After working for over a decade helping hundreds of others to find and create their own path to a profitable brand of impact, I had finally created an offer that was fully aligned with me and how I dreamed of working with and impacting others – without trying to fit into someone else’s idea of business success.


My Clients And I Have Been Seen On..

And many, many more…

I want you to find your voice and be seen as an authority, become profitable and create a scalable brand of impact and do so in a way that works for you!

I want to introduce you to my unique process…

The Online Brand Academy

How to brand yourself as THE go-to expert that you are, create an offer that people can’t wait to buy and scale your business in both income and impact

Without  trying to fit into a one-size-fit all approach to business success

The Profitable Brand Method is a 12 month, step-by-step program and community that will show you how to find your unique approach to business success, create a signature brand that positions you as an authority in your field, and create a path to profit that will position you to grow and scale in both income and impact.  

You can now stop feeling like a hot mess, throwing spaghetti at the wall and spinning your wheels, and start leveraging what makes you unique and make a real income and impact from your expertise. 

Inside, you’ll discover that the strategies I’ve shared with my students and clients for well over a decade that can get you results faster than anyone ever could on their own. 

This is the same system that I used to go from burnt out and exhausted to making $60k in 3 days while making a bigger impact for others without ever trying to fit into a box.

And the best part is I’m actually going to show you step-by-step how to create your unique and profitable personal brand so that you can confidently be seen and valued for who you really are.

One thing you need to know is…

you can’t find these strategies anywhere online except in this program.

“I struggled to find a way to combine my passions to build a brand with focus. I would switch from one thing to another building different websites, changing my Instagram handle and bio, constantly. I was so confused on how to make everything fit together. Now I’m excited to create my brand once and for all because I have more focus and direction and can be intentional about the things that I create to help my audience. I also learned that when you’re building a business, it’s important to set your foundation first. I received so many benefits from working with Kristie through this program and her process in general because it was really well organized and put together from the community, how you submit feedback, engagement in the Facebook group, it was an amazing experience.”

Jami Majewski

Lifestyle Coach & Minimalista

Jami Majewski Coaching

“Before working with Kristie I felt mentally all over the place and had no idea how to express what I was thinking, feeling and wanted to say.  Now, I’m so excited and energized about my brand because it feels so clear in my mind now and it expresses what I feel internally, and my messaging is in-line with what I’ve been trying to express for so long. The benefits I’ve received, holy moly. One of the big one is pulling everything together.  It was amazing having so many ah-ha moments of, “this works with this, and this goes with that.” And the customer journey, just so many things!  I couldn’t tell you how many different teeny tiny boxes floating around in my head and while I still have a ton of boxes, now they flow smoothly because I know the direction I am going. I feel good about putting my stuff out there no matter what and appreciate the honest feedback.  It’s been awesome, thank you!”

Tanya Zucco

Business & Success Mentor, Podcaster

Tanya Zucco.com

Here’s What’s Inside:


You’ll get access to the Profitable Brand Success Method training and program materials complete with 16 power-packed training modules and workbooks to equip you with all of the strategies and tools you need to be successful. 

This step-by-step program will teach you everything you need to know to find your unique success method, create and package your passion in a way that commands attention, define a profit path that is unique to you and scale in both income and impact.


Phase 1

Find Your Unique Success Method

Let’s uncover your passions and explore ways to combine them that adds a new level of excitement to your business. You’ll figure out what online business model is right for YOU so that you can feel authentially aligned and be perfectly positioned to profit. 

You’ll get crystal clear on what you do, the results you help your clients achieve and create magnetizing messaging that will have your ideal dream clients raising their hands to work with you.

Phase 2 

Create Your Visual Brand Strategy

Gone are the days of hiding in shame and feeling embarassed by what your brand looks like. You’ll nail the look and feel for your brand as you create your visual elements that are both authentic to you and attractive to your dream client.  

You’ll have the ability to choose from pre-designed templates provided to you or learn how to customize the templates to create a brand design of your own.

Phase 3

Your Brand Funnel Profit Strategy

Your potential dream clients are all over the world but you can’t be in all places at the same time. Creating simple systems and funnels can help you create an amazing experience for new potential clients no matter where you are (or not) in the world.

You’ll get step-by-step walkthroughs with everything you need to get your systems and funnels up quickly and efficiently and create an amazing experiene for your audience.

Phase 4

Scale Your Brand In Income & Impact

Build a ready-to-buy audience for your offers with this rinse and repeat system that you can use anytime you need a cash injection in your business. You’ll learn to create content so that you can attract dream clients to you.

When it’s time to bring in someone to help you, you’ll learn who to look for, how to have them help you and how to get them up-and-running quickly.

– Over 30 Audio/Video Lessons in one simple to use platform

– Lifetime Access To The Course

– 12 FULL MONTHS of LIVE group support and community to master this duplicatable system

– You’ll have the framework to package yourself and your expertise to successfully build your own profitable brand of impact.

(Course Value = $18,000)

Also Included:

The Brand Roadmap & Ultimate Launch Checklist

The Profitable Brand Roadmap is a 12 month, step-by-step guide and checklist to help you create and launch your unique profitable brand of impact without the guesswork.

These steps are outlined specifically to guide you on your way so you never have to wonder or guess “what do I do first, next, etc.?”

(Value = $97)

Brand Design Kit & Template Masterclass 

Nail that first impression with these simple yet stunning pre-designed brand boards for beautiful DIY designs. You’ll feel confident and proud to showcase your gorgeous brand that’s as unique as you with one of these pre-designed brand identity packs.

Each kit is fully customizable to your own color and font combinations or simply choose from the combinations provided to you. Full customization instructions and templates included.

(Value = $997)

Weekly Live Coaching & Mastermind

Gone are the days of trying to figure things out alone and feeling stuck. Nothing is more frustrating than being in a large group coaching program and feeling lost in the shuffle, hoping and wishing for your questions to be answered. Each week there is space to feel heard, be seen, ask questions and receive the personalized support and feedback you need to achieve your goals.

You’ll receive so much from this full year of support from myself and the community that it will feel like you have a private coach and team right by your side.

(Value = $1,297)

Expert Resource & Template Vault

As part of the program you’ll have access to my ENTIRE resource vault complete with on-demand trainings from myself and guest experts on branding, marketing, sales, FB Ads, systems, messaging, and more.

You’ll also have access to tutorials, templates and other valuable resources that will save you time, money, energy and the frustration of trying to create on your own. New items added frequently.

(Value = $997)

60 Minute 1:1 Strategy Session to Get Clear On Your Dream Audience & Offer


Everyone is different and every business is different, no matter what company you work with, what industry you’re in or how many others are ‘doing something similar’ your way is the best way for you.

On this call you get a head start and a tailored plan with personalized strategies that will give you your best (and unique) path to success.

(Value = $1,497)


To ensure that you’re positioned for the ultimate level of success I’m also going to gift you a few Bonus Modules as well

BONUS 1  ($197 VALUE)

How to Plan a Personal Brand Photoshoot And Select the Right Photographer For Your Business

The photography that you use for your brand can help you tell your story and make an important connection with your audience. The secret is knowing that not just any photography (or photographer) will work. You’ll learn how to plan your shots, your space and select the right photographer so that you can tell the right story.

BONUS 2  ($97 VALUE)

Design For Social Media – Create Consistency, Stand Out and Design Your Brand on Social

Ready to take your design skills to the next level?  In this bonus you’ll learn how to use my favorite free tool, Canva to create stunning yet simple templates for social media so that your beautiful brand stays cohesive and consistent across platforms. Anyone (skills or not) can create stunning and share-worthy designs for social.

BONUS 3  ($147 VALUE)

Sales Pages That Convert Video Training

Your sales page is a critical component to the success of your brand launch. Your sales page is where people make the decision to buy or not. In this training, you will have everything you need to help people emotionally connect and make the decision to work with you.

BONUS 4  ($97 VALUE)

Content That Converts Masterclass

The Content That Converts Masterclass is my signature and most popular challenge that I run a couple of times a year. In this training you will learn how to stand out, no matter what industry you’re in and create content that connects with your target audience and compels them to convert into paid clients and customers.

BONUS 5  ($47 VALUE)

Mindset Shifts to Help You Eliminate Overwhelm

Ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stuck in procrastination, side-tracked by shiny things or letting fear stand in your way of success? I’ll tell you that it happens to every one of us. In this masterclass I share with you real tools to help you keep your head in the game and perspective on what matters most so nothing can slow you down or get in your way.

Total Value Over $23,000

Join The Online Brand Academy Today!



One Time Payment



12 Monthly Payments 


Includes 4:60 minute private coaching calls and Voxer access for direct messaging and personalized support as you work through the program



One Time Payment



12 Monthly Payments 

With EVERYTHING You’re Getting…


your unique method to success so that you can attract a steady stream of perfect prospects and make an impact on the lives of others.


and package your passions and knowledge in a way that positions you as a leader and authority in your industry so that when you offer, people can’t wait to buy.


by defining a Profit Path that is unique to you and that allows you to leverage your expertise into an online brand and offer and scale in both income and impact.

I’m even pulling back the curtain and revealing my go to sales strategies so instead of feeling “icky” about selling, you can craft your brand story and messaging in a way that makes selling easy and conversational!

[The Profitable Brand Method Phase 4]

The Online Brand Academy IS For You If…


Ready to stop feeling like you’re all over the place and get off the hot mess express for good


Looking to find your voice and be seen, heard and accepted for yourself


Wanting to feel confident helping others right where you are  while creating a brand that is uniquely you


Excited to serve, give back and enjoy the process of building your business along the way


Ready to attract the right clients to you – those that raise their hands to work with you


Wanting to inspire and empower impact in the lives of others and get paid well to do so

The Online Brand Academy Is NOT For You If You’re…


Happy working 1:1 with clients, with a full schedule and no time (or desire) to grow and scale.


Not able to commit to 3-5 hours a week to the program.


Someone who wants to figure it out on your own.


Tired of investing in courses and programs. You’ve tried everything and have decided that nothing works.


Not ready to take action.

Now is the time to take Action and create a profitable business designed just for you.

“For so many years, I struggled, trying to figure things out and then convincing myself that I would never get it. This relief comes from clarity in that I know where I’m going moving forward.  Before I couldn’t clearly describe who my ideal client looked like or knew how to attract to her and speak to her challenges.  With this program I am very clear on who I want to work with and have confidence in knowing that these women are waiting for me.  I am pleased about the clarity I have going forward where before, I was getting in the weeds of what it takes to build a brand but now I’m grateful for my new understanding of the process and all the knowledge that I’ve gained. I loved the group, the sharing and the confidence I now have, going forward.”

Cynthia DeLandro

Life Coach & Transition Expert

Cynthia DeLandro.com

“I so appreciate you AND your process.  I’m involved, I have my hands on it and it’s not just about you telling me wear this, do that, say this, go here, it’s about you helping me see my own authentic self – the very best version of me that I want others to see and connecting the dots that are already there.  Until now, I just didn’t know how to tell my own story.” What you’ve given to us is the ability to see ourselves through your eyes, as a reflection to what has always been there.  What we have now however, is the best upgraded version of us that allows us to serve our audience the way that has always been in our hearts. We will forever be grateful. Thank you.”

Robin Dunda

Trainer & Inspiration Maven, Great Day by Design

Stryker & Robin Dunda

“Before working with Kristie, I had no structure or direction to support my ideas and I was overloaded with ideas. Since working with Kristie, I feel more confident with my brand and I’m most excited to get it out there to share with my dream clients.  Before I spent a lot of time and energy working with clients that weren’t the right fit for me and money hiring social media people who were doing lots of different things but because I had no idea on the direction, I needed to give them in order for efforts that were going out there, to actually work.  This experience was really eye-opening on how everything works together and how important every part of it is. I received so many benefits from it and I loved it!”

Krystal Soliz

Expert Stylist & Owner

Blankanvas Blow Dry Bar & Salon

“Before working with Kristie I struggled with clarity and consistency. This is a program of celebration, hand-holding, kicking our butts, love, and peer support from beginning to end. I have to say that I am extremely proud of my ability to stick with this and follow it all the way through because every often I start with something like this and I don’t get all the way through – this is what I am most excited about. Before coming in, I was had to decide between this program and one where they would do it all for me and I couldn’t have made a better decision.  I stuck with it, did the homework, stayed engaged and was given space to share, again and again. Every time I compare where I am now to where I was before, I can’t help but smile.”

Lorrie Milkenson

Owner, Coach & Trainer

Balanced Motion Fitness Center

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3. start creating your profitable brand of impact

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The Online Brand Academy

How to brand yourself as THE go-to expert that you are, create an offer that people can’t wait to buy and scale your business in both income and impact

Without  trying to fit into a one-size-fit all approach to business success


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