Happy day friends!  I hope you are taking advantage of this glorious day with fun, laughter and love.


I have a question for you –

Have you ever wondered, “What makes a brand?”, or “How do I make one for myself?”


What if I told you that YOU are your brand and that finding your own is already something you have within you?

That’s right!


“You are your own brand – personally and professionally. There’s no difference. Be YOU.”


Wait, what’s the difference?


Let me tell you…


Personal branding is who you are. It’s;

…what makes you different

…how people see you

…how people describe you

…your values

…your characteristics

…and your reputation.


It’s the person behind your name.  It’s YOU!


Professional branding is just a little more…well, professional.

It’s more career and business focused and includes your skills and experience. Other professionals can look at you and say, “I know you! I hear you’re excellent at what you do and I’d love to work with you!”

Get the idea?

Your personal brand and your professional brand are very similar to each other especially if you’re a business owner because your business should be a reflection of yourself. So you could see why both brands are very important to build and maintain?

Creating a brand allows people to get to know you.

It is essential to building and growing your business.

Strong personal and professional brands must be authentic. Remember always, always be yourself!

Did I mention ALWAYS? 🙂

People trust who they know and do business with who they trust. There is no faster way to lose someone’s trust, business, and relationship than by not being authentic and true to yourself.

People have this little thing called intuition and they tend to catch on and know when something just doesn’t feel right. The last thing you want is for someone to feel that way about you and what you represent.

While you’re working on building your brand, be very mindful to how you do it- especially on social media. Keep your personal life personal. Use social media as a business tool, not a personal journal.

You might be thinking, “How are people supposed to get to know me if I’m supposed to keep my personal life personal?” and that is a GREAT question.

Consider this example: you absolutely LOVE your kids- they’re you’re whole world. Share that with people! That is something they can connect with you on. Say one of them gets in trouble at school,  or you have a disagreement with a friend,  that should probably be kept to yourself and not shared to all of your audience.   Get the idea?

Find balance between being too secretive and being to open and personal.  Think of it this way – if you wouldn’t share the information with a connection at say a networking event, it’s not meant to be shared.

Being genuine and sincere isn’t and shouldn’t be hard work.

If it feels like hard work, it’s not genuine or sincere.


Be honest.

Be authentic.

Be awesome.



Do you have struggles with your business and personal branding?

What are they? I’d love for you to share!

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