Private Coaching

Create massive momentum in your business with a customized, step-by-step action plan to help you create massive visibility and reach your personal goals.

4 Months Private Coaching System

Looking for ongoing support to help you accomplish your business and branding goals?

Working privately 1:1 with me, you’ll gain confidence and extreme clarity in your audience, messaging, offers and online brand presence and position yourself as an online expert, positioned to make $10k per month or more.

Together, we’ll design a profitable brand platform without the overwhelm of all of the “tech” details and overwhelm of “how”.  My private 1:1 coaching program provides a comprehensive business and brand strategy that is designed to get you massive visibility and the confidence to share your gifts and talents with the world, and in a way that works for you and is customized to fit your unique brand and business needs.

Topics Covered

(but not limited to)


Business Vision, Mission, Goals

Provides the focus for every action and strategy created to help accomplish your goals


Core Business Framework

Design, launch and promotion of programs, courses, group programs and masterminds


Target Audience & Customer Journey

Align your offers with your dream client for growth and repeat clients


Business Revenue Streams

Information product creation and income strategies


Messaging and Storytelling 

Brand messaging and influencer and credibility building


Brand Design & Visual Strategy

Cohesion and consistency across all platforms across all channels


Email Marketing 

Sales and marketing funnel setup and design


List Building & Marketing Strategy

Business and marketing plan both short term (90 days) and end of year plan


Community Building & Visibility 

Get seen with confidence to build your tribe and gain visibility


Content & Social Strategy

Content creation and execution strategy to build your following and credibility


Launches & Challenges

List building strategies for maximum growth


Website Design

Incorporated as a strategy for your revenue streams, funnels, and marketing plan


Agency Model

Strategies to scale to $10k, to $20k and beyond quickly


Mindset & Growth

Align your thoughts, intentions and actions to receive and accomplish more

What’s Included In Your Coaching Package

  • 4 Months of strategic 1:1 coaching to build your platform and scale your business
  • 15 – 45 minute weekly coaching sessions to help you execute and launch your business plan, programs and marketing & visibility strategies
  • 4 Month membership in The Action Pod, the business and brand community designed to both empower and support your continual forward-moving action ($788 value)
  • Full access to my resource library vault full of templates, workbooks, checklist and tools to help you create, scale, and launch your business growth (over $3k value)
  • Access to my agency team and contacts for additional support on topics such as technology, websites, design, outsourcing, legal, social media, advertising and more.

4 Month Private Coaching Program

Priced at $2997

Payment Plan: Deposit of $1198 then two payments of $599

“For so many years, I struggled, trying to figure things out and then convincing myself that I would never get it. This relief comes from clarity in that I know where I’m going moving forward.  Before I couldn’t clearly describe who my ideal client looked like or knew how to attract to her and speak to her challenges.  With this program I am very clear on who I want to work with and have confidence in knowing that these women are waiting for me.  I am pleased about the clarity I have going forward where before, I was getting in the weeds of what it takes to build a brand but now I’m grateful for my new understanding of the process and all the knowledge that I’ve gained. I loved the group, the sharing and the confidence I now have, going forward.”

– Cynthia DeLandro

Life Coach & Transition Expert

Cynthia DeLandro.com

“I so appreciate you AND your process.  I’m involved, I have my hands on it and it’s not just about you telling me wear this, do that, say this, go here, it’s about you helping me see my own authentic self – the very best version of me that I want others to see and connecting the dots that are already there.  Until now, I just didn’t know how to tell my own story.” What you’ve given to us is the ability to see ourselves through your eyes, as a reflection to what has always been there.  What we have now however, is the best upgraded version of us that allows us to serve our audience the way that has always been in our hearts. We will forever be grateful. Thank you.”

– Robin Dunda

Trainer & Inspiration Maven, Great Day by Design

Sryker & Robin Dunda

“Before working with Kristie, I had no structure or direction to support my ideas and I was overloaded with ideas. Since working with Kristie, I feel more confident with my brand and I’m most excited to get it out there to share with my dream clients.  Before I spent a lot of time and energy working with clients that weren’t the right fit for me and money hiring social media people who were doing lots of different things but because I had no idea on the direction, I needed to give them in order for efforts that were going out there, to actually work.  This experience was really eye-opening on how everything works together and how important every part of it is. I received so many benefits from it and I loved it!”

– Krystal Soliz

Expert Stylist & Owner

Blankanvas Blow Dry Bar & Salon

“Before working with Kristie I struggled with clarity and consistency. This is a program of celebration, hand-holding, kicking our butts, love, and peer support from beginning to end. I have to say that I am extremely proud of my ability to stick with this and follow it all the way through because every often I start with something like this and I don’t get all the way through – this is what I am most excited about. Before coming in, I was had to decide between this program and one where they would do it all for me and I couldn’t have made a better decision.  I stuck with it, did the homework, stayed engaged and was given space to share, again and again. Every time I compare where I am now to where I was before, I can’t help but smile.”

– Lorrie Mickelson

Owner, Coach & Trainer

Balanced Motion Fitness Center

“I was two years into my business, still struggling with the stories I was telling and how I was showing up online. Since working with Kristie, I have had several people comment on my content and how much they enjoy what I’m sharing, and they are engaging with it.  The results are amazing. People are taking notice and telling me they’ve noticed a difference.  I am getting more comfortable with how I show up, what I post and how to keep things simple.”

– Jenn Hernandez

Brand Photographer

Jenn Hernandez Photography

“I knew that building a brand on social had power but didn’t know how to use it to find my voice and build my business and not be afraid of it. Before, I had allowed fear to hold me back from showing up online and have since learned to be ok with where I am right now which was so incredibly freeing. I feel unleashed and ready share my brand professionally and personally and use it to connect with those that I want to connect with to make an impact. I’m confident and am empowered to help others who struggle the same. I feel connected to my calling and I am ready and empowered to be me.”

– Landi Spearman

Accelerated Growth Coach & Strategist

Landi & Co.

“Working with Kristie helped take the vision I had in my mind and created the brand I always wanted. When we started, I didn’t really know who my target audience was and I found myself feeling overworked and underpaid which resulted in a less than ideal experience for both myself, and my clients. Now, it is much easier to identify whether or not someone is going to be a quality client who appreciates the value that I bring to their experience and I’m ok letting those that aren’t ideal, go. I have a renewed love for the work that I do and I am making more money and work less.”

– Lori Dries

Top-Rated Wedding & Event Floral Designer

Statice Floral

“Working with Kristie was a fantastic journey of self-exploration where I felt like I could see myself from another set of eyes. That experience illuminated elements of my personality I didn’t realize were so important to who I am while it also affirmed some of things I already knew about myself. As a result, I was able to be really confident in packaging who I am as a brand which I no longer feel like I have to start from scratch, over think, or be doubtful about what I am putting out there because now my brand is consistent and cohesive.”

– Kelsey Delane

Mentor, Trainer & Educator

Kelsey Delane Yoga

4 Month Private Coaching Program

Priced at $2997

Payment Plan: Deposit of $1198 then two payments of $599