Are You Ready To Level Up And Over Feeling Like You’re Trying To Figure Things Out On Your Own Or Lost In A Group Craving The Support You Truly Need To Really Have Things Take Off?

Do you sometimes find yourself spinning your wheels…

trying to gain momentum following the plan of what others tell you to do to see growth and be successful in your business, yet – things just feel hard and you can’t help but wonder if you might be missing something?


You know you’re capable of so much more but what you’ve been doing is just not quite working.


You want the dream clients, the freedom and the level of success that can change your life and the lives of those you work with.


You’re ready to take a massive leap in your business but need a guide to help you tighten things up in your strategy, systems and confidence.

I’ve Been There And Know What It Feels Like To Be On That Never-Ending Hamster Wheel Longing For Something Different.

Yet, my email list wasn’t growing

I wasn’t converting my online following into paying clients and customers

And I definitely wasn’t selling out my online courses.

And I had little to show for the thooooouuuusands of dollars I had invested in coaches and courses over the years.

Not to mention all of the time I’d spent spinning on that darn wheel. #heylookkidstheresbigben

I suffered from shiny object syndrome, was busy comparing myself to anyone successful, was the captain of people pleasers anonymous and was trying to save everyone else in the process.

I was exhausted and burned out. 

As soon as I realized this, I knew I needed to get back to basics.

By focusing on only 6 core areas that would make the biggest impact in growing my business, I was able to turn things around very quickly.

In the past 12 months I have;

>> Clients consistently saying “yes” to everything I offer

>> Created consistent 5 figure months

>> A continuous flow of people reaching out to me to connect

>> Constant invitations to collaborate

>> Women from all over the world and all walks of life sending me messages, thanking me and sharing with me how my work has helped them or impacted them in some way

The best part – I have more time now than I ever did when I owned my design and marketing agency, the energy to spend quality time with my family while staying present when with them, and I’m making the level of impact that I always dreamed of.

I created this program because it is exactly what I wish I had when I needed it.

The focus of this private mentorship is to meet you where you are and customize your mentorship around these 6 core areas of business that will allow you to become the profitable brand of impact and influence that you know you’re capable of.

With this program, some of my previous and current clients have been able to;


  • Generate over $20k in their first 5-day live launch
  • Gained laser clarity in their ideal clients, offer, message and package offer after the first few sessions
  • Created and launched their signature offers in less than 30 days
  • Quit their jobs and side business to pursue their coaching business fulltime
  • Have gone from zero engagement to over 60% engagement in less than 8 weeks

Here are the core areas we cover during our time together;

Core Area One – Mindset

Developing a mindset for growth is the most important thing you can do for your business and your mental health alike. If you don’t believe your worthy of success and making the kind of money that can convert into massive impact, then you won’t be open to receiving it when the opportunity comes your way.

  • Working on your mindset will allow you to remove any blocks that may have been standing in your way
  • Upgrade your personal belief system
  • Open you to receiving opportunities that come your way
  • Develop new beliefs to support your growth, joy and abundance

Core Area Two – Business Foundation & Core Messaging

Similar to building a house, your foundation is the very core that your business is built on.  A weak foundation will not support your growth nor will allow for you to scale. Key aspects of your foundation will help you to;

  • Identify what makes you stand out and what attracts your ideal dream client to you
  • Uncover your brand story and core messaging that builds community through true, authentic connection
  • Streamline your core offer structure, your signature offer and your paths to profit
  • Gain confidence in the transformation that you bring your clients   

Core Area Three – Tribe-Building Content & Communication

In order to be successful, you need to consistently build a tribe and community of raving fans and followers. We’ll work to build an audience that is highly engaged and ready to buy from you anytime you offer.  You’ll be well on your way to hitting (many times exceeding) those five figure months.

  • You’ll learn my super simple strategy for creating signature content that builds your list and grows your community.
  • I’ll share access to my top tools and apps to help you streamline your process so that you can expand your reach and be positioned to see more sales.
  • We’ll remove the overwhelm from social media by incorporating simple, yet powerful automation.
  • You’ll consistently be building your list and positioning yourself to attract a tribe of buyers and not freebie seekers.

Core Area Four – Sales & Strategic Partnership

Building strategic partnerships is my favorite part about sales and being in business in general. If you’ve ever felt nervous about sales, coming across as pushy or sales-y then get ready to learn my secrets for turning sales into simple conversations that are easy for your audience to say “yes” to working with you and for potential partners to want to collaborate with you.

  • You’ll learn exactly how to structure a sales conversation to flow as if it’s the most organic and natural chat with a friend.
  • I’ll share my secrets for overcoming objections while empowering your potential client to see how they can’t afford to not work with you.
  • I’ll also share my secret strategies for deepening connections with new people that help to position you for collaborations and to receive consistent invitations.
  • You’ll also learn how to outsource and find and build the right team to help support you as you grow while maintaining a level of authenticity and transparency with your community.

Core Area Five – Online Presence & Community

The key to building community is to create an experience for them as they come into your space.  You want everyone to feel that they are special and that their voice matters so there are a few touchpoints that we will add to incorporate a full experience for them, and a sales process that is scalable for you.

  • I’ll share my secret strategies for uncovering blocks that come up as your online presence grows that will allow you to deepen your transparency and experience a new level of authenticity with your growing audience.
  • You’ll learn how to structure and position your offers to build a tribe of ready to buy, buyers and not freebie seekers.
  • We’ll incorporate ways to automate the experience while keeping consistent in the authenticity as you continue to grow.

Core Area Six – Advanced Business Systems & Growth Strategy

As you grow your online presence and community, you will quickly find that having strong business systems and processes to support your growth is key. We’ll explore ways to strategically leverage your time, create more space and see bigger results in both impact and income.

  • Building your tribe is all about creating relationships and deepening connections. You’ll create simple yet powerful ways to keep in contact with new leads that will guide people to work with you.
  • We’ll review your website to make sure that it’s setup to take prospects on a self-guided tour where they can select options that meet them where they are and invites them to work with you.
  • Want to cut back on busy work and create space to be creative? We’ll look for opportunities to delegate and fill in the gap on systems to help you streamline your process.

All of this and so much more.

Client Love

“I struggled to find a way to combine my passions to build a brand with focus. I would switch from one thing to another building different websites, changing my Instagram handle and bio, constantly. I was so confused on how to make everything fit together.

Now I’m excited to create my brand once and for all because I have more focus and direction and can be intentional about the things that I create to help my audience. I also learned that when you’re building a business, it’s important to set your foundation first. I received so many benefits from working with Kristie through this program and her process in general because it was really well organized and put together from the community, how you submit feedback, engagement in the Facebook group, it was an amazing experience.”

Jami Majewski

Lifestyle Coach & Minimalista

Jami Majewski Coaching

Hayley Hobson

Author, Life and Biz Coach

doTerra Double Presidential Diamond

“When I started looking for someone to work with to up-level my brand, Kristie was at the top of my list because I love her style and she has a great mind for business.  We hit it off right from the beginning talking branding, next level actions and where I wanted to scale my brand and business.

The best part was that Kristie didn’t change who I was, she just tweaked and up-leveled my brand to best reflect more of who I actually am and how I wanted to be seen. She worked with mw and guided everyone on my team to make sure that we had a consistent and cohesive feel throughout everything that my team was creating for my brand.

It’s been so much fun working with Kristie, together, we’ve taken my brand and business to a whole new level.”

Your Private Mentorship Includes:

  • Detailed Welcome Packet and Jumpstart Kit
  • (12) 45-Minute coaching calls to be used over a 6-month period
  • Voxer support through the duration of your mentoring
  • Client-only private Facebook community
  • Access to my Content That Converts complete system
  • Access to all modules and training calls from my year-long group implementation program the Online Brand Academy, plus an opportunity to join the community with the next live launch of the program

Through the process of working together you will learn how to package, price, and sell your offers while creating a community of ready to buy raving fans and followers, eager to say ‘yes’ to anything that you offer.  You’ll be in the perfect position to earn your investment back, and then some.

Client Love

Mary Jelkovsky

Body Positivity & Confidence Coach

Mary’s Cup of Tea

“I went from being stressed about what to post and how to talk about my brand – I didn’t feel creative to “which one do I want to share today?” and struggled to tell my story in a transformational way.

Before working with Kristie, I had a full-blown identity crisis about my brand and my message and was so insecure about who I am, what I do, and how I do it, that I would barely share anything out of fear that it didn’t “sound right.”

Kristie helped me find clarity in my message in a way that was not only cohesive but helped me grow my audience, but also gave me confidence in everything I do in my business because now I see how everything fits into my main message. Now, I have structure behind what I share, how I share it, when and it just flows. I have so much on my heart that I want to share and I’m excited to share my brand with the world!”

Is This What You Need And Is Now The Time To Uplevel?

I know what it feels like to have years pass by while you sit on the sidelines, hoping for different next year.

Without the proper guidance and support to help you, the journey to success is long, difficult and at times very lonely.

Know this – you are not alone!

Take a moment to imagine only working on the stuff you love, focusing on what works while building amazing community along the way and making the most traction forward in your business than ever before.

You can do this.

You’ve got this, and I’ve got you!

I so believe in you,


Are You Ready To UpLevel Your Results?

Now Is The Time And I Can Help You.
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