When it comes to tools, there are many great resources out there but sifting through options can be overwhelming and distract you from your goals. My recommendations are based on my years of experience testing hundreds of options and through this testing I have found these to be the best for my personal business goals. Some of these suggestions I am an affiliate for which means if you click a link and make a purchase I will earn a commission at no cost to you.
Please only make a purchase if you feel that a tool would help you reach your goals. 


While I've moved away from Divi, it's still one of my all-time favorites for building customized websites. Also a drag and drop tool that is easy to use from beginner to pro.

Divi Builders

A newer platform for me but ShowIt is what I've used to build and manage this site design. Easy to build and change with its drag and drop interface that's easy to use.


I've used Trello for many years to help me organize my to-do, projects, courses I've purchased and more. With multiple views tracking progress is fun!


A seamless communication platform to manage and maintain team communication between different channels. Communicate by topic, private chat and in groups.


A cloud based software that allows you to keep track of projects, processes and team communication across multiple devices and from anywhere in the world.


Temi provides automatic audio to text transcription in just a few minutes and for $0.25 per minute. The quality is great and perfect for repurposing video into written content.


Kartra is my all-in-one marketing platform and solution for course hosting, payment processing, email management & more. 14 Day Free Trial with signup.


Zoom makes staying in contact with clients, coaches and team members from all over the world a breeze. It is also my go-to platform for video.


Dropbox is my go-to for online backups and cloud storage syncing which makes accessing documents on-the-go easy from any device.


Business Tools

A simple website that counts the characters in your posts and stories. It also conveniently shows you the character limit for the most popular apps for quick reference.


A great app that makes editing or combining video clips on-the-go easy and fun. Easy to navigate and simple to learn with the final videos saved to your camera roll for easy access.

Videoshop App

My go-to app for creating easy to read Instagram captions. It seamlessly adds line breaks into my captions without the need to use special dots or characters to separate your thoughts.

Spacie App

The best hashtag research tool for creators, brand and marketers alike. Search trending hashtags, view performance levels and find those perfect for your brand and size for engagement.


A marketplace heaven for design elements and tools by digital creators from around the world. Why start from scratch when you start from stunning? Check out my curated list of faves.

Creative Market

The easiest design tool out there that's specifically built for the non-designer yet savvy enough for the design pro alike. Keeping your brand cohesive & consistent is easy with Canva.


Branding Tools

Another great and low cost tool for videos, quick calls and taking photos on the go when you don't have access to natural lighting or a window.

Clip Light

Perfect for those times you are on the go or on your own and want to still take great shots or videos. Also great for travel at a steal of a price too!


Good audio quality is also a must when it comes to video and content creation but quality does not have to come with a big price tag. This mini mic is small and mighty.


This desktop light stand is flexible and adjustable for times you don't need the big box lights. Great for recording content or jumping on a quick call at a great price too.

Desktop Lighting

Having access to lighting can completely transform your Zoom calls, images and videos and give them a more professional look and feel at a budget-friendly start-up cost.


Have a project and need to stay hyper-focused? This timer is my go-to for mini sprints of focused work throughout the day. You can customize the time blocks and breaks and other features alike.

Tomato Timer

I love this app and use it for sleep, meditation, quiet time, timers, expanding my thoughts and awareness and so much more. Finding balance between work and life requires practice and this app is a must-have.

Insight Timer

My all-time favorite iPad app that allows me to take handwritten notes in notebooks for different subjects, thoughts and ideas that are backed up in the cloud and synced across devices.


Tech Tools

This fantastic 4 module course is straightforward, simple and full of action-based steps that you can take as you follow along with the instructions provided in each lesson. If creating content is part of your strategy, you want to do what you can to maximize your reach and this course will guide you.

Elizabeth Rider's
Be Seen Blogger

Hands-down the best course that walks you through the process to creating your online course. This program is intensive, detailed and packed with so many tools, resources and Team Porterfield support like no other.

Pro Tip: Sign up under an affiliate (Me!) for extra learning bonuses and personalized support!

Amy Porterfield's
Digital Course Academy

An amazing list building program that will help you build your business's biggest asset with simple tools and strategies over a decade in the making. If I had to build my business all over again I would no doubt start with list building.

Pro Tip: Amy is big on detailed step-by-step instructions that she's used to build her multi-million dollar business. Follow her lead.

Amy Porterfield's
List Builders Society

An excellent 6 week course to get your business started and on the right path. You'll gain clarity, knowledge and expertise as you move through each module. Plus, you'll make amazing connections in the community.

Pro Tip: Sign up under an affiliate for extra learning bonuses. I signed up with Amy Porterfield's bonus and I highly recommend! 

Marie Forleo's

Recommended Learning

This step-by-step guide will show you 50 different ways to STAND OUT, become the go-to expert in your niche and connect with your ideal clients.

50 Ways to STAND OUT & Position Yourself As The Go-To Expert