Why Branding Is SO Important


There is nothing more attractive than a great picture or the visual appeal of fabulous style.  It’s the very reason why Pinterest and Instagram are so popular.

Here is a peek at my branded Instagram feed.

kristiekeever instagram


When you have great branding the following happens;

  • you are able to grab the attention of your target audience and more importantly KEEP their attention
  • you are able to engage with your audience and clearly communicate your message, more powerfully and more effectively
  • you are able to ask for and receive a premium for your services

The KEY to an amazing brand is design.  It’s what sets you apart from the competition and works to establish you as a influencer in your industry.   Without it, how else will clients know they can trust you and make them want to invest their hard-earned money with you?

Whitt & Co. Brand Style Guide

Pro tip – your brand is more than just looks.  


Let me ask you this?

When you think of your brand, how do you want to be perceived?

What is the experience that you want to create for your audience?

How do you want them to feel when they interact with you?


The most important aspect to all of this is this – your brand is YOU.

Your style, your personality – an expression of you.  When you capture this, there will be no such thing as competition.  Your audience will come to you and want to work with you – because of you.

We are all unique and have our own special something to offer.  Your branding is your own special way of leaving your mark on the world. Add consistency and your brand builds trust, establishes you as an expert and a go-to in your industry.

Focus on developing your style, your core message, your logo, your color palette, fonts and other graphic elements and stay consistent.  Your audience will know what to expect, understand what you have to offer and also know how to refer you as well.

Here is a brand style guide for one of my clients.

Solid Man Brand Style GuideI’ll soon be covering how you can create a brand style of your own but for now, think of and answer these questions;

  • What makes you different?
  • What is your unique sense of style?
  • Are there quirks in your personality that are unique-to-you?
  • What is your core message?  Is it clear to your audience?
  • How do you inspire people to take action?

So, my friend, let me encourage you with this – Be authentic. Be awesome. Be YOU.

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with love,

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