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Give me 5 days and you’ll walk away with a strategy of your very own for building an “OMG I NEED MORE OF YOU IN MY LIFE” audience who is ready to buy anytime you offer

3 Ways You’ll Walk Away With An Experience Unlike Any Other


Experience One

You’ll learn my no-brainer method to help you create fist-pumping, head-nodding content that attracts so that you stand out with no comparison between you and any other out there. Period.


Experience Two

I’ll share with you my simplified system for creating tribe-building, drool-worthy conversations that build raving tribes so that your audience can’t help but grab a front seat and engage.


Experience Three

You’ll have the exact 3-step process to use to create “I want anything you have have” tribes so that no matter your invitation or offer, they’re ready and willing to say yes! Every. Single. Time.

Hey there!  I’m Kristie and your host.

Hello!  I’m Kristie Keever and I’m an online Brand and Business Strategist and my passion is helping women entrepreneurs create and scale profitable personal brands of influence & impact.   

Not a newbie by any means, as I’ve had the pleasure of working in this industry for over 20 years.  In the past 13 of those years while working privately with clients; they have tripled and quadrupled their revenue, been featured in major media publications, spoken internationally, signed series book deals with major publishers, and have built tribes that span the globe.  Translation = impact.

My mission and purpose is to empower women to become the leaders they need to be to build strong communitites. Communities that support growth, inspire change and empower one another to create impact for good.

I truly believe that one voice, your voice has power but together, that voice can be magnified strong enough to move mountains.

I believe that we are all capable of making an impact in our own way.  Join me for my free 5 day workshop and we’ll create that way, together! 


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Disclaimer – This workshop is completely free and will give you actionable steps for growing your coaching, consulting or info product business. Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, there is work involved. At the end of the workshop, an offer will be made for purchase.

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