The STAND OUT Brand Formula

Want to know The EXACT Steps I’ve used over the last eleven years with my private clients and myself to STAND OUT and build a brand of impact?

picture this

YOU are the online influencer that others admire.  You’re sharing your story with ease and your message has a reach to impact millions. You receive messages from your ever-growing tribe that says, “you’re reading my mind – how did you know that this is EXACTLY what I need?!”

This is your vision and your dream.

reality is more like…

You’re overwhelmed with where to start. Been there. You struggle to find a way to combine your multi-passions into something that you can actually be successful at, let alone make any money doing. Check. You have a small following and no idea how to build a list.  Yep. Know that one too.  Despite all of this there is one thing you KNOW for certain.

You have a message that NEEDS to be shared and an IMPACT that you want to make in the lives of others.

this was me too…

I am an online brand strategist and for the past eleven years I have been helping women create platforms to launch their brands online, triple and quadruple their revenue and build tribes that span the globe. 

Translation = IMPACT

sound familiar?

  • You’re not sure where to start with this whole consistent branding thing
  • You’ve wasted money on programs and courses already that pushed the needle a little but didn’t quite give you the boost you needed
  • You picture yourself as a thought leader but that pesky imposter syndrome keeps creeping in and robbing you of your natural light.
  • You are on fire and start to make progress then stop when things get a little outside of your comfort zone, then start and stop the cycle all over again.
  • And my ultimate favorite show stopper—You’ve tried on a dozen brand hats, but nothing felt like it fit you just right. Every brand idea you’ve had was either way too fancy, too plain or plain ridiculous and just not you.

Regardless of where you are or what you’ve struggled with in the past, there’s

one thing launching brands over the last eleven years has taught me.

the success of your brand launch depends on this…

your three-part strategy



You can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t have a plan to get you there. Your solid plan will give you clarity behind who you are, what you do, how to provide an experience around how you do it and what it should look like as you share your message and how to earn an income as you build your impact.



Systems, structure, and strategy is the core focus of the design phase. As you grow, you want to make sure that you have a framework to support your growth, smart strategies to leverage your income, and the mindset you need to handle obstacles that will arise as you grow and build your presence.



Next-level growth is what’s waiting for you is this phase of your strategy.  Tapping into the power of strategic partnerships and support networks are key to expanding into markets and niches not open previously.  Recognition, Impact, Prestige, and Legacy are attained as a result of phase three strategies.

the result… You BECOME a brand of IMPACT

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“Kristie has great style and a great mind for business.  We focused on next level actions to scale my brand and business to the next level. The best part was that Kristie didn’t change who I was, she just tweaked and up-leveled my brand to best reflect more of who I actually am and how I wanted to be seen. She worked with me and guided everyone on my team to make sure that we had a consistent and cohesive feel throughout everything that my team was creating for my brand.  With Kristie, I’ve been able to take my brand and business to a whole new level.”

Hayley Hobson

Author, Life and Biz Coach

doTerra Double Presidential Diamond

“Before working with Kristie, I had a full-blown identity crisis about my brand and my message and was so insecure about who I am, what I do, and how I do it, that I would barely share anything out of fear that it wasn’t right.”  Working with Kristie helped me find clarity in my message in a way that was not only cohesive but helped me grow my audience, but also gave me confidence in everything I do in my business because now I see how everything fits into my main message. Now, I have structure behind what I share, how I share it, when and it just flows.”

Mary Jelkovsky

Body Positivity & Confidence Coach

Mary’s Cup of Tea

“I was two years into my business, still struggling with the stories I was telling and how I was showing up online. Since working with Kristie, I have had several people comment on my content and how much they enjoy what I’m sharing, and they are engaging with it.  The results are amazing. People are taking notice and telling me they’ve noticed a difference.  I am getting more comfortable with how I show up, what I post and how to keep things simple.”

Jenn Hernandez

Brand Photographer

Jenn Hernandez Photography

“Before, I had allowed fear to hold me back from showing up online and have since learned to be ok with where I am right now which was so incredibly freeing. I feel unleashed and ready share my brand professionally and personally and use it to connect with those that I want to connect with to make an impact. I’m confident and am empowered to help others who struggle the same. I feel connected to my calling and I am ready and empowered to be me.”

Landi Spearman

Accelerated Growth Coach & Strategist

Landi & Co.


I’m also a…

Coffee lover. Perfectionist. Brand & Business Enthusiast. & Most Importantly, Authentically flawesome.

I’m Kristie Keever I’m an online brand strategist and I help women transform their business online and build a brand that engages with their target audience and converts them into paying clients. 

Bottom line, I teach women (and a few brave men) how to become a brand of impact. 

For the last eleven years, I have worked privately with clients to do just that. They have since; tripled and quadrupled their revenue, been featured in major media publications, spoken internationally, signed series book deals and built tribes that span the globe.  

Translation = impact.

Are You Ready To;

– stop feeling all over the place

– find your voice and message

– create a brand that is distinctly you

– engage an audience and build a tribe 

– become a brand with major impact?

I help entrepreneurs go from brand Woe to brand “Whoah”.

Let’s face it, there’s only ONE you and a billion others online so how do I help you stand out?

We do that through brand strategy (read: game plan), crafting messaging from stories only you can tell and designing a signature style that others long for.

lets work together



The EXACT steps I’ve used over the last eleven years with my private clients and to build my own brand of impact.