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I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs scale their business to $10k+ through strategic branding

WITHOUT  Trying To Fit In A One-Size-Fit-All Approach

My Mission & Passion

My mission and purpose is to empower women to become the leaders they need to be to build strong communities. Communities that support growth, inspire change and empower one another to create impact for good.

I truly believe that one voice, your voice has power but together, that voice can be magnified strong enough to move mountains.

A Few Places My Clients And I Have Been Seen…

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I’m Kristie Keever

I help online entrepreneurs create highly-engaged communities online and build a scalable brand of influence and impact with simple yet powerful strategies.

Here’s the deal; building a tribe of ready-to-buy raving fans is key to becoming a brand of impact and influence and requires only the basic skill of human connection.

This is the same strategy that I have used to build to six figures in my first year in business and have helped hundreds of clients over my 25 year career do the same.

For the past decade (plus) I have worked privately with clients to do just that. They have since; 

  • tripled and quadrupled their revenue
  • been featured in major media publications
  • spoken on International stages
  • signed multiple book deals
  • and have built tribes of raving fans that span the globe

 Translation = Impact & Influence

Build a Brand. Create Community. Increase Income & Impact.

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The EXACT process that I use to create a tribe of highly engaged tribe of ready to buy fans and followers anytime I invite to an offer!

Join us for a week of free coaching, incredible value and engagement through the roof!  You’ll walk away with a clear strategy for creating a highly engaged tribe of your very own!

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Testimonials & Kind Words

“Branding is one area that I’ve definitely struggled with from the get-go in my business. Kristie is all about branding and knows it so well. She’s a go-to source that you definitely want in your back pocket.”

Amy Porterfield

Online Marketing Expert & Host
Top Ranked Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast

“No matter how great my content was, it felt like no one was seeing me or hearing my message. I had thousands of followers, but not a single die-hard fan, let alone any paying clients! Kristie helped me find a clear, authentic voice and how to tell my story in a way that makes people think, ‘omg! me too! I want whatever she’s got!’ I went from hundreds of people ignoring me to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people joining my community, coaching programs and attending my worldwide retreats!”

Mary Jelkovsky

Body Positivity & Confidence Coach

Mary’s Cup of Tea

“I was two years into my business, still struggling with the stories I was telling and how I was showing up online. Since working with Kristie, I have had several people comment on my content and how much they enjoy what I’m sharing, and they are engaging with it.  The results are amazing. People are taking notice and telling me they’ve noticed a difference.  I am getting more comfortable with how I show up, what I post and how to keep things simple.”

Jenn Hernandez

Brand Photographer

Jenn Hernandez Photography

“Before, I had allowed fear to hold me back from showing up online and have since learned to be ok with where I am right now which was so incredibly freeing. I feel unleashed and ready share my brand professionally and personally and use it to connect with those that I want to connect with to make an impact. I’m confident and am empowered to help others who struggle the same. I feel connected to my calling and I am ready and empowered to be me.”

Landi Spearman

Accelerated Growth Coach & Strategist

Landi & Co.

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This group is the place to be if you are wanting to step up as a leader, scale your business by building community and authentically sell through true connection and relationships.

Come join us and enjoy massive value and a highly engaged tribe!

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