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Feeling a bit lost in your business journey and in need of clarity on the best next steps? Schedule a 60-minute 1:1 clarity call now to receive tailored guidance and a personal roadmap to ignite your success.



There are days when that cloud of doubt, confusion, and frustration seems to linger a bit too long.

It's entirely okay – these moments are a natural part of the journey.

You've probably experienced those days when:

   Your brand resembles a jigsaw puzzle missing a few crucial pieces, leaving you unable to see the complete picture.

   Hitting the mark with your content feels like trying to hit a moving target.

   Crafting a compelling value proposition in a crowded market is as tricky as finding a needle in a haystack.

   Balancing the fine line between storytelling and conversion-focused content leaves you feeling like you're walking on a tightrope.

   The art of designing a memorable brand image has, at times, seemed like deciphering a foreign language.

   Keeping your brand organized while juggling other life responsibilities feels like a never-ending circus act.

   That little voice in the back of your mind whispers, "Who are you to build a brand and lead?"

   Keeping up with an ever-changing market is both a challenge and an energy-drainer.

Starting (or scaling) your brand and business journey is a bit like embarking on an exhilarating adventure, but let's be real - it's no walk in the park either.

You're not navigating this journey alone; even the most successful paths come with their fair share of twists and turns.

But here's the deal.

All these challenges are like a shadow dimming the light over your progress.

You need an objective perspective, constructive feedback, and an understanding of your business that goes beyond the surface.

You're in search of that someone who can ask the deep questions, diagnose the root causes of your stagnant growth, and offer you personalized, actionable steps to get out of this "rut" and propel your business to the next level.

And the exciting part? If you're ready to take that first step, clarity and tremendous growth are waiting for you on the other side!

You'll find the solution to all of these challenges with a...

You're well aware of what needs to be done, but what you truly crave is guidance


Brand Clarity Call

This 1:1, 60-minute call is a deep-dive into your business to expertly identify gaps and create a personalized action plan to help you reach your next-level business goals.


kristie is worth
every penny!

"My session with Kristie was fantastic! I had lots of ideas to expand my service-based business into an online business with varied revenue sources, but I was overwhelmed and I had no idea where to start. In just one call, Kristie helped me figure out what to focus on and gave me actionable steps to start building my dream business."

Mel S. US


"Amazing! I came to her with a jumble of ideas rattling around my head and over the course of our call she helped me to clarify and focus them into clear statements of value for my business and brand. After months of failing to turn these concepts into something workable, Kristie helped me do it in 60 minutes flat."

Carl S. UK

i now have all the right ingredients for success

"Not only is this the most important meeting you will have to set you on the right path towards success, but you will learn a lot and Kristie explains everything so well, smoothly and easily. I am so happy I had this meeting. I now have all the right ingredients to create the recipe for success and most importantly, have a smooth journey."

Farah K. Venezuela

Look At Some Of These Results We Were Able To Accomplish



"We have paid so many consultants to help us figure out our target market and company direction in the past. Kristie is fantastic and clarified so much in just one session! Her knowledge of marketing is extensive and communication is great. Honestly, don't waste your time looking for someone else - if you need marketing help, look no further!"

Donna E., Canada


"Kristie is a real pro. This is second time I've consulted with her and I'm thrilled with outcome. She shared a wealth of information to help me start building my personal brand. She is focused and patient and it clear that she is committed to delivering a great result for her clients."

Tamara B., Atlanta


"I went into the consultation with a scattered set of ideas, lacking focus, and Kristie skillfully managed to deliver specific, actionable takeaways. Her ability to simplify complex branding concepts and distill them into manageable steps is remarkable. She helped me gain a clear and much needed sense of direction."

Kevin K. US

I have a clear action plan to elevate my website

"Kristie is a Pro! We accomplished a lot in a one-hour consultation. She had prepared in advance, had the right clarifying questions and we got to the "heart of the matter" quickly. She led a very productive session working in real time with a proven process, I got great output to work in my website."

Carlos M. US

I received answers to all of my questions and doubts

"One of the best experiences that’s totally worth it. Kristie was able to understand my questions from the start and respond to them professionally. Even though the time went fast, I managed to receive answers and action steps around all my current doubts. Will definitely be booking another session soon!"

Danny, Saudi Arabia

I have clarity, direction and focus for my new business

"Kristie is a Pro I have no regrets hiring her!! She was friendly, straightforward, and honest (which I needed). Our meeting was insightful and informative. She is knowledgeable and I learned both helpful and useful tools ie. strategies and action steps to bring clarity, direction, and focus to my new business."

Mike F, US

During your value-packed call, we'll cut right to the chase. We'll have an in-depth conversation about all the critical challenges or struggles in your business and pinpoint any issues that have been holding you back. We’ll discuss key areas like messaging, positioning, current offers, your business model, your content, authority building, etc. When I say we get straight to the issues, I'm dedicated to helping you overcome the challenges that may be hindering your success.

Here's What's Included In This Call

60 minute Intensive Call

(valued at $2,000)

You'll also receive a valuable video recording of our call, ensuring you can revisit and implement our discussions with ease. I deeply appreciate our time together and want to make it as productive as possible, free from distractions. The more you can stay focused during our conversation, the more we can strategize and maximize our limited time effectively.

Video Recording

(valued at $150)

You'll also gain access to a personalized Step-by-Step Action Plan. This plan outlines actionable steps tailored to your unique business situation, enabling you to move forward with confidence. We uncover the challenges holding you back and provide practical solutions to take your business to the next level.

Roadmap to Success

(valued at $500)

You won't be alone after our call; I'm offering you 7 days of direct access through DMs. Think of it as having a knowledgeable companion to guide you as you put the discussed strategies into action. Any questions, clarifications, or support you need, I'm right there to assist you. It's like having a trusted friend alongside you, ensuring you're on the right path to success.

DM Chat Support for 7 Days

(valued at $900)



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The Brand Clarity Call is the key to overcoming challenges, making impactful decisions, and transforming your journey to brand authority.

This exclusive offer is available for a limited time at $297.

Don't wait—reserve your Brand Clarity Call now and unlock the path to your brand's full potential.

You've been pouring your heart and soul into your business but not seeing the results you're longing for.

Clarity Call Details

You're craving an expert's insights to take a fresh, unbiased look at your business, diagnose the hidden issues, and provide a clear roadmap for moving forward.

You're no longer content with waiting for things to improve on their own; you're ready to actively drive your business forward.

You're no longer content with waiting for things to improve on their own; you're ready to actively drive your business forward.


You'll Walk Away With...

>> A crystal-clear understanding of the gaps in your business that are stunting your growth.

>> Personalized and actionable steps to address these challenges

>> The confidence to implement the recommended strategies

>> The clarity and strategy you need to navigate your journey to elevate your authority and increase success

>> A renewed sense of direction and purpose for your brand and business

By The End Of This Call

more value than i can describe

"Kristie was absolutely fantastic! She added so much value I can't begin to say. The recording of our call has the hallmarks of excellent consulting cum mentorship. As a business owner you look for ROI. I'd be astonished if anyone didn't get many multiples in value from a consult with Kristie. Hire her and think later."

Hitul, H. UK

a true resource for resource for business, strategy, and marketing

"It is important to receive impartial, thoughtful, and neutral insights and/or advice from a subject matter expert. Kristie was the ideal strategy consultant for me at this time. She is knowledgeable and understands branding and marketing and how to blend them to create a strategy that aligns with the the direction the business."

Charles M. Arizona

practical and

"Kristie was professional and gave me practical things to work on in my new business. She presented me with not only great marketing content, but also left me with solid action items that I'm sure will be pushing my business to the next level. I highly recommend Kristie if your looking for an experienced brand strategist"

Kyle N. Los Angeles

More Results In Just One Hour...

genuinely passionate and fully committed

"Kristie took the time to thoroughly understand my background, aspirations, and the industry I'm in. With this information, she expertly consulted me on my branding strategy that not only highlighted my strengths and unique qualities but also resonated with my target audience. "

Gabby G., China

i will watch the replay several times over the coming weeks

"Kristie shared great insights, materials, and action items during our meeting that were personalized to my business and brand journey. Having a recording will be helpful too as so much information exchanged. I can't wait to rewatch it (several times over the coming weeks, I'm sure!)"

Nikki M., California

kristie is absolutely incredible to work with

"I got so much clarity and help in just 60 minutes of her time. I can't wait to implement everything she suggested and then work with her again. She's a great communicator, super knowledgeable and was open and honest with me the whole time."

Robyn A. Texas

clarity is a wonderful thing to have

"An absolute GREAT experience! I came to Kristie needing very clear direction. Five minutes into our conversation, she spoke directly to it. Then she continued to pour on more value for the rest of the call. Clarity is a wonderful thing to have! Kristie is very knowledgeable! I HIGHLY recommend!!"

Frank P. Texas

exactly what I needed to keep
moving forward

"She guided me through the information overload and provided me with a clear direction. Our conversation felt meaningful, helpful, and exactly what I needed to keep moving forward with the launch of my business. She also made me feel at ease and as if it was okay to sound like a hot mess."

Christina O, US

the only strategist I use for my brand - truly the best

"AMAZING! I could not recommend her more highly; she is extremely personable, knowledgeable and explains things in excellent detail with a clear structure in place. She will be the only strategist I use for my brand as she truly is the best of the best. So grateful to have found her ... don't hesitate! Book her asap! You will not regret it :)"

Laura V, Australia

The Clarity Call stands out from my other offers by offering highly personalized and immediate problem-solving, direct access, and a targeted approach to address specific business challenges without any long-term commitment or substantial investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can actually be covered in just 60 minutes?

Why is this only $297? What’s missing?

Can I contact you after the Clarity Call if I have more questions?


How is this offer different than coaching?

A lot more than you might expect; we dive straight into the heart of your business, tackling the most pressing issues, and providing you with practical solutions and action steps that are custom and unique to your needs and goals. 

Nothing is missing rather a lot is included! The price of $297 reflects my commitment to providing affordable, targeted support when you don't need long-term engagement but rather focused feedback and direction on your best next steps. I believe that sometimes, all you need is a dedicated expert to guide you past specific roadblocks and into your business's next phase of growth.

Absolutely! You'll have seven days of direct access to me through Instagram DMs. This is the perfect opportunity to ask follow-up questions as you implement the strategies and action steps discussed during our call. I'm here to support you even after the call ends.

Ready for


Don't wait, book your Clarity Call today to receive customized feedback, personalized roadmap, and step-by-step action plan.




on your best next steps and a personal success