Kristie Keever

You can't expect a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden, if you've never played the County Fair.



(Same applies when building a personal brand.)

In 2015 I found myself standing at a crossroad. You know that point in which your life could take two completely different directions?

For years something felt “off” in my business and I could no longer ignore the signs telling me so. I was beyond exhausted, I rarely slept, I was often too busy to eat, and my health and relationships were suffering.

One day, my then 12 year old son asked to hang out with me “but only if you aren’t too busy with work stuff. I know that is an important priority for you”, he said. 

Sigh. It was exactly the wake-up-call I needed and it forced me to take a hard look at my reality.

I had built a successful brand agency but it was the exact opposite of what I dreamed of building and I was completely and utterly miserable. Not exactly the vision of freedom that I had imagined when I set out on my own. 

Right then and there I made the choice to start living life on my terms and immediately got to work on my transition plan (after hanging out with him of course). 

The first thing I did was fire all of my overly demanding clients, closed contracts with everyone on my team and set out on a journey to create a life and business by my design, and I haven't looked back yet.

Hi, I'm Kristie Keever

Along my journey I realized that success comes in many forms and no two are alike. 

Now, I've made it my personal mission to help you find and create your own path to success as well.

I want to help you realize that anything you set out to accomplish, ANYTHING, can be attainable to anyone of us with the right strategy and guide to attain it.

That little butterfly you feel in the pit of your stomach is a sign that its time. Your time.

Everything you dream about, the ga-zillion and one ideas you have, and the life you dream of having is 100% possible and you deserve to live it.

The Mission

Considering scrum masters to improve overall outcomes. Demonstrate a holistic approach while remembering to think outside the box. 

Considering scrum masters to improve overall outcomes. Demonstrate a holistic approach while remembering to think outside the box. 

WHAT I hate

WHAT I 'd change

So. Whether you are just getting started or don’t know where to start, stuck on a hamster wheel and feel like a hot mess, or you are ready to massively grow and scale, I’ve got just the thing to help you reach that next level of success.

Your role: no more excuses, no more beating yourself up because you aren’t as far along as you “thought” you should be by now. Stop saying you don’t know “how” it’s time to trust and dream big, do big and go big or go home. Let’s do this!

Teaching my students in OBAcademy, Strategizing or celebrating with my clients, hanging out with my boys (my husband, son and fur baby).

You Can Find Me

Most definitely Schitt$ Creek! I love how dynamic the characters are and how well the story line intertwines with the local characters.

I'm Binge Watching

TikTok has quickly become my most favorite app to create and consume content. I'm amazed at how creative people are!

I'm Hanging Out

Everyone has something special to share. It doesn't matter if 1000 people are doing something similar, there is an audience out there that needs you.

Making excuses, standing in my own way, or fussing with perfectionism. No one is perfect but we are all flawesome!

I'm Not About

What I Believe

Deep-thinking, heartfelt conversations that result in deep connection and foster thriving community.

I'm All About

Some Fun Stuff

“Working with Kristie was a fantastic journey of self-exploration where I felt like I could see myself from another set of eyes. That experience illuminated elements of my personality I didn’t realize were so important to who I am while it also affirmed some of things I already knew about myself. As a result, I was able to be really confident in packaging who I am as a brand which I no longer feel like I have to start from scratch, over think, or be doubtful about what I am putting out there because now my brand is consistent and cohesive.”

- Kelsey Delane, Yoga Therapist, Educator, Doula

A fantastic journey of self-exploration

What exactly does a brand strategist do?


As a brand strategist, I teach you how to combine strategy with mindset so that you can stand in your purpose and communicate with confidence. I don't just teach you how to build a business but how to build a legacy. We work together to break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back and layer in my signature 7 step method so that you can find what's aligned to you and become who you were meant to be. My clients have been able to accomplish massive, life transforming impact for both themselves and their clients & students because they learn how to become the truest versions of themselves. With my help, you can too.

Years of Training & Thousands Invested

When searching for a mentor and guide, it's important to keep in mind that you want someone with the right training and experience to properly guide you on the path to success. I've studied with the best of the best and have applied tools and lessons learned to my own brand as well. My goal is to provide clarity to you on your journey and help you create a success path that is unique to you. Here are just a few of the trainings and coaches I have had the honor of working with and learning from over the years.

elevate & flow

Ready To Elevate And Build Momentum In Your Brand?

If you're ready to scale in income and impact and carve your own space as a go-to expert and leader you were born to be then it's time to exchange hustle for flow. Here are three ways we can work together to expand your personal brand. 

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