Hi. I’m Kristie Keever

your brand and business guide

I help multi-passionate entrepreneurs create and scale a profitable brand of impact through the use of strategic branding.

MY PASSION = helping others find what makes them shine and then watching them grow into they type of leader they need to be to become a brand of impact.

MY SUPERPOWER = simplifying the complicated and overwhelming into small, inspiring and actionable steps that get you out of “how” and into action.

Over the past fifteen years, I have researched, coached and trained, developed roadmaps, strategies, and tools to help women find their voice, tell their stories and scale their business online.

Along the way, I’ve cried with them, cheered them on and celebrated their successes with them every step of the way.

The programs, strategies, and blueprints I’ve created aren’t designed to show you how to duplicate MY success, but to guide you to the very best version of success that works… for YOU

You are likely here because you have a vision, a dream that keeps you up at night and a voice in your head telling you to keep going and that if “she” can do it, so can you.

If so, you’re right.

Whether you’re just getting started, have NO IDEA where to start, or are stuck at a place where you feel trapped in the mud but are determined to figure it out because, bottom line – your mission is to make an IMPACT in your life and the lives of others – then welcome to the club, Sister – you are in the right place and I’ve got a blueprint for you.

The Mission Here Is Simple

I want to help you realize that anything you set out to accomplish, ANYTHING, can be attainable to anyone of us with the right strategy and guide to attain it.

That little butterfly you feel in the pit of your stomach is a sign that its time. Your time.

Everything you dream about, the ga-zillion and one ideas you have, and the life you dream of having is 100% possible and you deserve to live it.

So. Whether you are just getting started or don’t know where to start, stuck on a hamster wheel and feel like a hot mess, or you are ready to massively grow and scale, I’ve got just the thing to help you reach that next level of success.

Your role: no more excuses, no more beating yourself up because you aren’t as far along as you “thought” you should be by now. Stop saying you don’t know “how” it’s time to trust and dream big, do big and go big or go home. Let’s do this!

Some Fun Stuff

I’m All About:

Deep-thinking, heart-felt conversations that result in deep connection and foster thriving communities.

What I Belive:

Everyone has something special to share. It doesn’t matter if 1000 people are doing something similar, there is an audience out there that needs YOU.

I’m Not About:

Making excuses, standing in my own way, or fussing with perfectionism. No one is perfecct but we are all flawesome!

I’m Hanging Out On:

IG and Clubhouse. Cubhouse is very quickly becoming my new favorite app. I’m (ps. I’m @kristiekeever) if you want to join my chat!

I’m Binge Wathing:

Most definitely, Schitt$ Creek! I love each of the quirky and dynamic characters however, Moira and David are my personal faves.

You Can Find Me:

Teaching my students in the OBAcademy, Strategizing with my clients, or hanging out with my boyz (my hubbs, son or fur baby) at home.

The Profesh Version:

Kristie is an Online Business Strategist & Personal Branding Expert. 

Through her 20+ year career, she has mentored thousands of women through her Online Brand Academy™ and signature program The Profitable Brand Method™. Over the years Kristie has worked privately with celebrities, professional athletes and high-level corporate executives as well as helped hundreds of women to create their online businesses, cultivate communities that span the globe and develop profitable personal brands of impact.

Speaking Topics

  • Winning With Social Influence
  • Building a Buzz-Worthy Brand
  • Creating Impact & Influence
  • Building a Stand-Out Brand
  • More Than Just a Brand
  • Win Them Over Through Experience

Coaching & Training Topics

  • How to Build a Profitable Brand of Impact
  • Start With Strategy: Every Great Brand Does
  • Content to Conversion Method
  • Desgin & Creative Direction
  • Agency Mindset: Building a Profitable Brand Agency
  • The Profitable Brand Method

Join The Community

I have a Facebook group full of women who just like you are working to build a brand of impact. Come and join us!

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