Lori is the owner and founder of Statice Floral in Colorado. They specialize in floral decor for weddings and other special occasions. Lori reached out becuase whe was wanting to uplevel her target demographic and repackage her offerings to create opportunites to increase her profit margin and expand her clientele while providing an exceptional experience to her blients. We started by uncovering her current challenges, design inspiration and set goals for the desired outcome.

Here is what we accomplished while working together:

  • definied and created the overall product brand strategy & positioning focusing on cutomer journey & conversion
  • established the key audience & market segmentation
  • provided creative direction and consulting for a fresh and upleveled branding design
  • developed the “wow” client experience (internal & external audience)
  • developed the visual identity and created the product brand elements
  • designed and developed the brand’s website and online social media presence

When you don’t know who you are looking for, you don’t know what to look for or even when you find it. Before I started this process, I had no idea who my ideal dream client was.  I had an idea but it wasn’t until I got it all down on paper that I could finally see the real person that I could impact in a big way.  Now, I can recognize my ideal client immediately and within the first couple of moments in a conversation, I can tell if someone is a good fit. 

I used to work on the business model of trying to work with everyone who walked through my doors. As a result I would be overworked, underpaid and would inevitably be a less than ideal experience for both myself and my clients. I feel like I can recognize my ideal client immediately and am comfortable letting those that aren’t a good fit, go! I’m thrilled to say that now, I am consistently attracting the higher-end clients that I’ve always dreamed of.

Lori Dries

Owner & Founder, Statice Floral