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Dr. Caster reached out because he wanted to uplevel his brand, his clientele, and add more revenue to his already busy therapy practice. We started by uncovering his challenges, set some new goals, and created an overall strategy to accomplish these goals during our time working together.

Here is what we accomplished together:

  • Defined and created an overall brand strategy
  • Established new values for the brand and business
  • Established an updated buyer persona and customer journey
  • Drafted the core brand story and key brand messaging
  • Developed the overall internal and external client experience
  • Established a visual strategy & identity
  • Developed the visual identity and created key brand elements
  • Provided creative direction on the execution of the visual design
  • Provided business growth strategy
Brand Mood Board
Brand Style Guide
Email Banner
Website Design Mockup
Brand Photography – Creative Direction
Brand Stationary
Logo Icon
Business Card Design
Brand Photography – Creative Direction

“Kristie has been excellent in helping me elevate my brand and identity. She helped me to slow down and think about who I wanted to be as a business, who I best serve as clients, and gave me clarity and structure to allow my business to grow.

The results are nothing short of amazing!”

Dr. Jeff Caster, Phd.
Caster & Associats

One Year Update:

One year (and almost a half later), Dr. Caster has successfully increased his personal hourly rate, cut back on his personal client workload, hired three new staff members, and increased his annual practice revenue over $100k. Looking forward to his continued growth and success!

Dr. Jeff Caster and Associates