How To Choose the Right Coach or Course: 4 Things to Consider


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As an entrepreneur, scaling your business is critical to your success. With so many different coaches and programs out there all promising to help you build your brand, grow your business, and maximize your reach, it can be challenging – costly even to learn how choosing the right coach or course to grow your business can help you scale in success. Here are 4 things to consider.

Choosing the Right Coach or Course to Grow Your Business

Over the past 10+ years as an entrepreneur, I have worked with several coaches and programs to help me successfully scale my business.

Investing in myself and my business felt scary at first, but not having a successful strategy and developing a growth mindset, was even scarier.

Without this guidance and training, I wouldn’t have been able to make decisions that paved the way to the success I have today. 

I’ve tried it all:

  • private coaching
  • structured programs that required considerable time commitments
  • group coaching
  • high-level masterminds
  • live and in-person events
  • and DIY, self-paced programs aplenty

While each experience provided value in its own way, one of the most valuable things I learned was knowing which learning environments worked best for my personal learning style.

With the influx of emails and offers in your inbox, how do you know which to choose? Knowing which coach or course to choose can mean the difference between staying where you are and actually growing.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a coach, course, or program to help you scale your business.

1. Consider Which Learning Style Is Most Valuable To You.

Are you looking for accountability and guidance through which best action steps to take in your business? If so, a DIY or self-paced program that lacks structured guidance may not be the best fit for you. In this case, you would be best positioned for success with a 1:1 coaching environment that includes dedicated and personalized feedback.

Focus your efforts on looking for particular opportunities that complement your learning style to ensure the experience is beneficial to you and your long-term success.

2. Consider Your Current – Not Future – Business Needs.

What do you need right now to get your business to the next step? A solid, practical business strategy? Tools or resources to make your first product launch a success?

Assessing exactly what you need and what will benefit you the most presently is critical. Forget those emails and offers you left in your inbox for “someday” and focus on this day.

That Big Picture vision will paint itself if you remember to focus on what your business needs now to level up. Focusing only on the Big Picture – always referring back to the “someday” inbox saves – tends to inhibit current business growth.

Never forget Jeff Bezos started selling books from his garage 20 years before Amazon became a household name. He didn’t go from garage startup to global technology titan overnight.

Even if you’re an expert in your field, this perspective is key.

3. Consider How You Felt When You Finished (Or Didn’t) Similar Programs In The Past.

If you purchased a coaching or program and didn’t finish it, why?

Here are a few reasons it could be:

– Maybe the way it was packaged and delivered was not user-friendly or difficult to navigate.
– Maybe a critical accountability piece was missing that would’ve otherwise helped keep you on track.
– It might have been because the group setting was too large or fast-paced to inspire true conversation.
– Or it could have been that the content just wasn’t compelling or enriching enough.

Many entrepreneurs have the skills they do because of active, creative minds and can lose interest easily.

Don’t start another project you don’t finish. If you did finish, were you motivated to take any specific action?

Did you gain valuable insight or measurable results? Why or why not?

Understanding your cues and triggers will help you fine-tune decision-making that will foster your empowerment and capacity for growth. 

4. Consider What Will Inspire You To Take Action.

The most important part of this process is determining what will catalyze you to action. Action is an effort in forward motion and equals results.

Even if the result was, “Learning in this environment was not the most productive for me and now I know I need to try something different next time,” you have a key metric in your own development and a clear path to moving forward.

Life has a funny way of teaching us about ourselves, that is if we’re open to learning.

My first year of college, I went to a large university, the University of Colorado at Boulder. That first class I walked into, I remember feeling so overwhelmed and intimidated by the sheer size and volume of students that were in that room.

I felt uncomfortable, lost, and very much unseen. 

It wasn’t until I moved into a private university with much smaller class sizes, that I completely thrived in the quaint, intimate learning environment. It was then that I realized the significance of identifying your own learning style in order to be successful.

Being in a smaller group, I felt comfortable, seen, and heard, but without the anxiety and overwhelm I used to feel in larger, overpowering groups. 

This lesson in my own personal development and self-awareness journey was vital to my long-term growth as an entrepreneur because I learned how and where I learn best. This knowledge in turn, helped influence my choices when hiring business coaches or joining coaching programs, which ultimately and directly contributed to my success as an entrepreneur.

I Can Help You Create and Scale Your Personal Brand

Don’t underestimate the importance of learning and evolving as you grow.

We as entrepreneurs are also lifelong learners.

Whether you thrive in an environment of unlimited support with personalized coaching or find more value in self-paced brand and business courses, I offer a variety of coaching options and business-building tools that will equip you to confidently create a profitable personal brand and grow your business. 

As those offers and specials continue to roll into your inbox, try to have fun as you explore options of life-changing opportunities and resources available to help you grow your online presence and expand your skillset and expertise.

Creating an environment of massive action is the ultimate goal. And if you don’t know where to start, or you are well aware of how you learn best and are ready to take the plunge on growing your personal brand, I can help

Happy Brand-Building! 

Until next time,


How To Choose the Right Coach or Course: 4 Things to Consider